Saturday, September 15, 2012

6 month anniversary and soda

It has been six months since the tornado has turned our lives upside down. Here is a picture from the news coverage. Our house is the second in from the corner. You see the front of the house. I didnt realize how bad the side of our house was until a friend posted this picture. And what you cant see, well, it is tragic. The back of the roof was missing off of our house. A whole garage wall was missing from the house on the left of ours. Devastating. However, most of these houses have been rebuilt. Neighbors are moving back in. The house that is missing on the far right side of the picture that is just a pile of wood here, just had wood delivered to the lot to START construction. Amazing! The house to the left of that in the picture is missing its second story. Now it is completely redesigned and siding just finished up. They are about 6 weeks from completion. Many people are still in the construction process some JUST moving out.

Today we as a subdivision are not choosing to look back and be sad. Instead we are choosing to come together as a community and celebrate how far we have come. No longer are we "tent city" with blue tarps everywhere. We lived thru this and it has made us stronger. As individuals. As a community.

Last night was a good night. I gave it just about my all for zumba. I held back just a bit because of my wheezing but I got a great sweat on. I burned 775 calories. Nice!

Then K and I went to Aubreys. We of course ordered feta bread. I think I had 3 pieces. And I ordered a spiced chicken sandwich that had pico de gallo, guac, and roasted pineapple on it. Instead of fries or onion straws, I ordered a side salad. I did really good and cut my sandwich in half and only ate half of it.

Then I came home about 9pm and made some popcorn with coconut oil and sea salt. I had some wine and Aaron and I watched a movie. 4 rooms. Love that movie.

I was very happy when my weight stayed at 176.5 today.

Today we celebrate. Everyone is bringing food to the community park. The kids can run and play. I plan on eating very lightly and instead visiting with everyone. The party goes from 12-3.

Tonight I will do my P90X Kempo and I think I will have my protein shake for "dinner" after that. We will see how my weight is tomorrow. Crossing fingers that I can be strong and keep status quo. :)

So onto other news...

Have you guys heard about New York City banning large sugar drinks? Frappuccinos, big sodas, movie theater slurpees?

What do you think about this?

Here is my take.

I think it is really sad that it has come down to this. I understand that sugar is huge in these. I understand that we Americans are more obese now than ever. However, this is not the only cause of obesity. What is next? Banning McDonalds? And what is to prevent someone from just buying 2 medium drinks that probably equal MORE than the one large that they would have bought?

Have Americans lost the whole concept of moderation and self limitations? Are we such gluttons that we just cant say "no" anymore??

You know we are not the only country that has fast food places. Yet it seems that America is the place where we have the problem with moderation. People are in such a hurry that they cant fix their own food anymore. It is constantly waiting in lines for their bags of fast food. Gone are the days of teaching our kids how to cook. It is pitiful.

And I admit. I used to be one of those that couldnt say no. In college I had a mug that was called a Belly Buster. I think it was close to a gallon in size. Not kidding. You could fill it up at one particular gas station. Once you bought the mug, the refills were an obscene price. Like 40 cents. I used to go in the morning, fill my mug with Mountain Dew and drink it thru the day. Can anyone say Freshman 15? And really it was probably more weight than that.

Dont get me wrong. I drink the occasional soda. I am not saying that soda is the devil. Though in large amounts it is. But for those people who need to consume massive quantities a day- I feel bad for them. That they need the sugar crack. I mean- anything that can take rust off of a car, must be good for us right? We should consume lots of it....right?!?  (sarcasm here). Maybe we should just force America to go thru a Dr. Oz test and see what coke does to our organs. Watch it dissolve our teeth overnight. Poof. Just like that. Gone.

I changed. Now I use that huge mug for water. I quit the crack. Yup. I still have the mug. And I still use it. For good. Not evil. LOL.

Lesson learned on my end.

Now if only Americans could do the same.

Have a great Saturday everyone!

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  1. I completely get where Mayor Bloomberg is coming from. I also understand that no one wants government telling them what to do.

    1. I get both sides. I really do. I just find it very unfortunate that it has come down to the government having to mandate what is best for us because society can no longer do so themselves.

  2. I agree with you about how it's sad when we need someone to regulate something like this. Then again, what are the companies thinking?

    It's a tough issue but I think more needs to be done from personal responsibility and education about health!

    I can't believe it's been 6 months since the devastation. So glad to hear that reconstruction is going well and people are moving back in.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.