Friday, September 21, 2012

Low spot

Yesterday was just a plain bad day.

It was one thing after another.

I dropped Landry off at school. He cried.

Came home and did my yoga. That was a good thing.

Ran upstairs to take a quick shower so I could drink my smoothie before having to get Landry and guess what?

The cat puked all over Aaron's side of our bed.


So I had to quickly clean that up, run and start wash, run to take a shower, glup down a smoothie and go get Landry.

As I was slamming down my smoothie, I checked my phone messages and got a depressing text. Not getting into what it said right now, but it sent me down to a low, low, low point.

Did I binge?


I stuck to my plan.

I did cry.

A lot.

Because I am beyond frustrated. I just dont know what to do with this. I feel like a tornado is hitting us all over again. There may be big news this spring. And for once, I dont want news. I dont want drama. I dont want all this.


As I said, I stuck to my eating plan. And I went to the gym. Got in a two mile walk, then Pump and RPM. I even upped my bicep weight in Pump. Calories burned at the gym: 1138 Always great to take frustrations out at the gym.

Then I picked up some sushi for me for dinner (California roll) and had a very small glass of red wine.

Today I am back down to 171.5. Woo hoo!

I still am not sure what I am going to do with our "problem" but I am trying not to think about it right now.
Today is a better day.

I have already done P90X legs back and abs today. Whew. I was sore when I woke up this morning and I am even MORE sore now!

Tonight is zumba. Woo Hoo!

Then I am having the ladies of Dexter here tonight. Penni was going to host but her husband isnt feeling well and doesnt want us to catch whatever he may have so I said I would have it instead.

I am making some slutty brownies for the gals tonight. Yummy. Some with rolos and some with peanut butter cups. Slutty brownies are chocolate chip cookie dough on the bottom, rolo or PB cup in the middle, and brownie batter on top. Cooked to perfection. Oh yummy!

So onward. I am not going to let this problem get me down. Nothing I can do about it until the spring anyways.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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  1. I'm sorry you had a tough day today! I hope the weekend is wonderful for you.

    I love the name of the brownies.. SLUTTY HAHAHA

    I made brownies last night. Great minds must think alike :)

  2. I guess try to focus on what is going well right now, that you have your health and a great family for you to love and be loved by. I hope it all works out, whatever it might be.