Monday, September 17, 2012

I would say a successful weekend was had.

I would say it was a very successful weekend.

First- I didnt get to work out last night so it truly was a rest day.

Before I get into that, let me recap my day and what I ate.

In the morning I had my orange juice with Greens from Skinny Wraps. And I had a banana.

Then I got ready for the birthday party. The boys didnt get to go with me because Xavier threw up yesterday morning so I didnt want to bring him and get the other kids sick. We ended up putting them back to bed after breakfast and they slept til 12:30.

So I went to the party at the petting zoo (farm) and had fun with my friends and their little boy. For lunch they had pizza. I had one piece (regular size) of red pepper pizza. Then I had a bunch of fruits and veggies a few chips and a small piece of chocolate cake with buttercreme frosting and chocolate ganache in the middle. Oh so yummy! And I stuck with water to drink with my food.

After I had the cake, I kind of regretted it but it was a small piece and I had been doing so good all weekend.

After the party, Aaron had me call his grandma because it is his moms birthday today and his grandma wanted to have a small party before his mom went back north to their cabin. So from the party I ran home, picked up Aaron and the boys and ran out to Aarons grandmas.

I was very proud of myself. I had just eaten at the party so I wasnt really hungry. But his grandma had bought quiznos subs, veggies, fruit and cupcakes. The only thing I had were some veggies and a couple grapes. The grapes had seeds so they were a pain to eat which actually was nice because it kept me from eating too many.

We ended up leaving to come home about 6pm (which is earlier than we normally do) because Aarons mom had to work midnights at the hospital.

We came home and got the boys to bed. They were exhausted. Both are still sick from their colds and Xavier is a HUGE baby when he is sick. The kid coughs, he crys. All. Night. Long. Ugh.

After the boys were tucked in, I ran down to my friends house (the ones who had the birthday party) so I could give A some of my left over cheese tortellini salad and fruit salsa. We traded for some of the cake from the party for the boys.

By the time I got home I was a bit hungry so I had some garlic hummus with a few pita chips and kashi crackers. Nothing major. And I had some cold coffee that wasnt finished at breakfast. Yeah I like cold coffee. LOL.

After a pretty much sleepless night between the two kids, I drug myself out of bed and peed then got on the scale. The number?


Holy $hit! I lost 2.5 lbs yesterday! On a rest day! What is that? 3 or 4 lbs for the weekend?? Wow!

I guess that shows that I can have my cake, eat it, and lose it too. LOL.

**Just a note that last Monday I weighed 181.5. You read that correctly. Now I am down 9 lbs in one week with PROPER diet and exercise. If you want to try out ThermoFit (the supplement I am taking), you should. No jitters and all natural. 

Today my main goal is to try to get thru P90X back and chest and ab ripper today. I am so tired so we will see how I do. Thank goodness it isnt Plyometrics.

And tonight K wants to walk. She hasnt done anything all weekend and she disappeared from the party on Saturday. I told her it is going to have to be kind of early because I want some good sleep. LOL.
After P90X, I am taking Landry and we are going drug shopping. LOL. We are out of Childrens Motrin, I need a Nyquil or something for Xavier, and some sleep drugs like melatonin and cough drops. Whatever I can get my hands on for his age. Aaron and I just need some sleep. We are starting to look like the walking dead and that just isnt good.

The worst part is- Xavier doesnt have the flu. The kid has a stinkin cold. He is just SUCH a baby you would think he was a girl. He coughs, he crys. Not crys. SOBS! Which causes him to cough. And choke. And gag. Following my train of thought here?


So yes. It will be great to hopefully find something that can knock him out all. night. Benedryl probably.

Have a great (and hopefully restful) Monday everyone!

Tip of the Day:
Buy these Organic when you can. Otherwise they are loaded with pesticides. I know I am adding this list to my phone so I have a reminder when I go shopping.


  1. LOL at knocking him out! I hope he feels better. My boyfriend is a giant baby when he gets sick too. You'd think it was something more serious.

    Good for you! You did amazing with social eating and indulging in particular things without going overboard.

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. thanks so much! I just realized (and updated my blog) that last Monday I weighed 181.5! Down 9lbs in a week! Wow! Of course I dont expect to keep up those results but it made me feel really good!