Thursday, September 20, 2012

What the?

So yesterday was a great day!

I did my P90X shoulders and arms.

I ate great all day (even though I felt funky).

And last night I did a modified version of ab ripper.

I didnt turn on the dvd, just did a bunch of their ab exercises as well as other ones that are favs.

This morning my abs are feeling it.

Then why, oh why, am I up a pound to 173? WTF!!

It seriously couldnt be from the couple of bites of ice cream I had at Xaviers social yesterday. Seriously. A couple bites. I finished up what Xavier didnt eat.

I didnt even have any Red Stag OR alcohol.

I am thinking that it is slight muscle bloat.

Yesterday I added 5 lbs to all of my bicep exercises.


Lean and Mean.

Surprisingly enough I am not really sore today.

But on the docket for today is P90X2 Yoga, Body Pump and RPM.


And I cant wait. I love pump. And RPM.

Hoping to get back on track and lose the 1.5 lbs that I gained the past couple days.

Funny how I can have pizza twice on the weekend and lose 4 pounds but I stay on track with my eating and I gain 1. Too funny.


Xavier had a situation (couple of them) at school yesterday.

He came out of school wearing his fuzzy soft brown jacket and it was covered with straw.

Apparently a few girls tried to wrestle Xavier to the ground outside yesterday. Another little boy joined in and Xavier had to escape because he wanted to play on something else.

I think this is all innocent. I remember being a girl trying to catch the boys. But I dont like when my child comes out of school covered in straw.

Then we get to the car and he tells me that C punched him in the penis yesterday then punched his locker. Now I am friends (acquaintances) with C's mom. C and Xavier were in pre-k last year. So I know her and C seems like such a quiet child.

As I was packing his lunch up yesterday, Xavier was telling me that C smashed some of his tomatoes and pretzels from his lunch the day before. Not nice.

I am sure it is boys being boys. Xavier fixed it by not sitting next to C yesterday at lunch. And I asked him this morning if he and C were friends. He said yes.

BUT...yesterday as Xavier was telling me this, you can bet my ass I was typing out an email to his teacher. Now I dont want to be "that mom" but I think it is important that she knows what is going on with kids in class when she is maybe not around.

Know what I found out?

That she (the teacher) was out yesterday afternoon and that a sub was in instead. When she checked the subs notes, the sub said everything was fine and that it was a great day. LOL.

Today his teacher is going to be out as well. Still in the building, but out of the class for training. She said she appreciates knowing what is going on in the classroom and is glad the kids are at an age where they still tell parents what is going on. So I have the tattler.

And Landry has school today too. We will see if he has another tantrum when I drop him today. After I pick him up, Landry has speech therapy. Should be interesting. Cant wait to see how that goes.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

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  1. Hope pre-school drop-off was uneventful and Xavier had a good day! My son had an issue with a girl in 2nd grade and nobody had any idea what was going on because she was a sneaky little twit!