Thursday, September 13, 2012

Going, going, getting gone...

Lets start with the good news first...

I am down another pound today to 177.5. Woo hoo!

Yesterday I did my P90X arms, shoulders and abs as I mentioned before.

I got my errands done and my grocery shopping done.

I ALMOST didnt workout last night. Seriously.

Aarons parents came over last night and didnt leave til 8pm. And I thought about just doing my 20 minute zumba dvd. But I didnt. I put in CardioParty and pushed thru and gave it my all. By the time I started and finished zumba it was 9:15pm and I still hadnt eaten any dinner.

So I ate my few remaining BW3 wings. Now they are gone and therefore the temptation is gone. I did have a few chips and a beer too. Yeah so much for not eating after 7. LOL.

Anyways, so today I have already done my P90X2 yoga. Tonight is doing some jogging and Body Pump and RPM. Very excited for Pump. I love building my muscles!

And say some prayers for me. LOL. Xavier has his 5 year well appointment today with his new doctor. He is scared he is gonna need a shot. Ugh. I hope not. He is such a baby! BUT I think he does. I didnt want to tell him that. LOL. At the very least he is going to need the flu mist. I warned him about that and of course he doesnt want it to be sprayed up his nose. But I told him it was that or a shot. LOL. So be prepared for a drama story tomorrow if he goes crazy!!

Going back to grocery shopping though...

After reading the sugar article that I posted about yesterday, I really started to read my labels as I shopped. I want to teach my kids good habits and have them eat healthy. And something I dont understand is how good food can be so expensive! And why is the processed food so cheap? I mean, lets think about this. Minimally processed food has less machines, less chemicals, less hands involved in it right? So dont you think it would mean that it is less expensive?? I understand some of the Organic things being more expensive and I dont buy everything organic. But a jar of peanut butter for example. The kind I buy has one ingredient. The kind I buy for the kids (Jif) has multiple. Shouldnt the one with one ingredient be cheaper??

Food for thought I guess. Maybe someone can give me some insight here. Maybe Michelle Obama should focus her childhood obesity cause on bringing down the cost of whole food.

And does anyone know if it is cheaper to go to a store like Whole Foods to buy your whole and/or organic food or is it cheaper to go to a store like Meijer where they dont specialize in all whole foods? Just curious if I need to switch my grocery store. The cost of eating healthy is gonna kill me. I am definitely going to have to grow my own garden next year!

I was talking with Xavier and Landry about food this morning. Xavier remembers when I was heavier. He is now concerned about becoming fat. He had a sweatshirt on this morning and he didnt want it zipped up because kids will think he is fat. LOL. I asked him if kids have called him that and he said no. I told him to not worry about becoming fat. That mommy has figured out how to make good foods for us and that he can help me cook and learn how to make them too. I tried to explain that when mommy was fat before I didnt work out and I ate bad food like McDonalds and hot dogs. And while they are good for a treat every once in a while, when you eat lots of it, even though it tastes good, it makes your body sick. Man. I hope I did a good job explaining dieting to a 5 and 3 year old. Xavier asked how I got to be skinny. I told him I learned about eating good and I started exercising and going to the gym. His answer was "oh good". And I said if he ate good and exercised and played good too he would be just fine.  It is hard. Lots of time when we go grocery shopping they will ask for the processed foods (like corn dogs) and I have to explain that no, we arent going to get them. That they arent good for us. Maybe I should start showing Xavier labels. It is hard though because he cant read yet.

Luckily for me, switching off of juice shouldnt be hard. Xavier and Landry dont get much juice or juice boxes. And my kids like V8. So I had some coupons and bought V8 for them yesterday. Another way to sneak veggies into their diet.

How do you guys explain to your kids about healthy eating habits?

Tip of the Day:

This is an article that I found for when you feel like boozing it up. It is called 60 Healthier Drinks for Boozing
I thought it might be helpful to share as the holidays are fast approaching and temptations will be setting in as the party season gets into full swing.

The biggest tip is that it is easiest to control what you drink when YOU play bartender. Then you can control the juice, seltzer, simple syrup etc that you put into it.

I will give you a few of the tips that I found the most helpful. Check out the rest of the article for the others and let me know what you think.

3. Make simple syrup with honey which, though sugary, has some added benefits, like a healthy dose of antioxidants. It also gives you better control of the sugar content. Any recipe that calls for simple syrup will use the following recipe: ½ tablespoon honey mixed with ¾ tablespoon warm water.

5. Choose light alcohol over dark alcohol. The dark stuff contains more compounds known as congeners, which can worsen hangovers.

6. Limit yourself to one shot per drink. Multi-alcohol cocktails can pack in serious calories, so we kept ours to one shot (or 1 ½ ounces) each. The shooters and shots we included actually contain less than one shot each to further lessen the caloric load.

8. Choose nutritious ingredients. Ginger, coffee, and lemon star in several of our drinks. They’ve each got their own proven health benefits, even though they may not totally counteract the negative affects of alcohol. (Note: Too much alcohol and caffeine can both dehydrate — making hangovers even worse — so try to keep it at no more than one cup of Joe for the night.)

And now for some drink recipes!! They have 60, so here are a few of my fav's.

1. Classic Mojito
In the bottom of a glass, muddle 12 fresh mint leaves, the juice of ½ lime, and 1 tablespoon simple syrup. Add a few ice cubes and pour in 1 ½ ounces (one shot) of light rum and ¾ cup seltzer. Garnish with a lime wedge.

3. Bloody Mary
Scrap the mix and make a Bloody Mary from scratch! Start with ¾ cup of no sugar-added, low-sodium tomato juice and add the juice of ½ lemon, a dash each of hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce, fresh ground pepper to taste, and 1 shot of vodka. Garnish with a lemon wedge and celery stick. Bonus points for adding a cocktail shrimp for some extra protein!

11. Vodka Sunset
Muddle ¼ cup blackberries in the bottom of a glass. Top with ice and add 1 shot fresh-squeezed lemon juice, 1 shot fresh-squeezed lime juice, ½ shot simple syrup, 1 shot of vodka, and a splash of sparkling wine.

19. Grapefruit Margarita
Combine 1 shot of tequila, the juice of 1 lime and ½ a grapefruit, and ¾ shot of orange liqueur. Pour over ice.

20. Light White Russian
Combine 2 shots brewed coffee (or espresso!) chilled and ¾ cup skim milk. Add 1 shot of vodka and a few ice cubes and stir.

25. Pom Cosmo
In a shaker with ice, combine 1 shot pomegranate vodka, 1 shot orange liqueur, and the juice of 1 lime. Shake, strain into a martini glass, and garnish with a slice of lime.

27. Sex on the Beach
In a glass with ice, mix 1 shot peach-flavored vodka, 2 shots cranberry juice, and 1 ½ shots fresh-squeezed orange juice. Add a dash of seltzer and enjoy!

41. Pina Colada
Blend together ½ cup ice, ½ cup coconut milk, ¼ cup fresh pineapple chunks, and 1 shot white rum.

46. Margarita
Blend 1 shot simple syrup, the juice from ½ lemon and 1 lime, 1 shot of tequila, and ½ cup of ice. Garnish with a slice of lime, but skip the salt.

51. Red Sangria
Toss ½ an apple (sliced), ½ an orange (sliced), and 4 grapes into a glass. Add ½ cup fruity red wine and ¼ cup seltzer.

60. Mint Hot Chocolate
Heat 1 cup skim milk and stir in 1 packet light hot cocoa mix. Add 1 shot tequila and  shot peppermint schnapps


  1. I'm not much of a drinker, thank goodness, so if I have anything it's usually a glass of white wine. Not drinking also helps me stay in control of what I'm ingesting!

    1. Nice job! Unfortunately, I do like to indulge so this list helps me a bit.

  2. I like orange vodka and fresca too- easy and pretty cheap now if theyd just get it into bars.... lol!

    I have little conversations here and there about moving more and eating better foods for our bodies with my kids. My oldest (8) he understands it pretty well they learn about it in gym class as well so thats helped me. My little girl(5) is a little chunky and it worries me- reminds me of me totally! I have boobs in my kintergarten picture! who has boobs at 5?!! anyway I dont want her to go thru what I have gone thru! Its so hard because she is the first to cry and whine and not want to go on walks ect. I try but she doesnt always want to go so I dont make her. The three of us did a 5k together that ended up being a 2k because they were fighting and whining and it was unbearable lol! Hopefully as they get older theyll get into running with me Id love thAT. She is interested in soccer so I think we will be signing up fo that soon thatll get her some exercise for sure:) Have a great day!

    1. Good luck! I know Xavier is a bit on the heavier side because Landry had a higher BMI than normal and I think he looks fine. So I am worried about what the doctor will say today. LOL. Thankfully I found some good healthy clean kids food recipes on Pinterest (like corn dogs). I will be trying them out. If they are kid approved, I will share them.