Sunday, September 9, 2012

catching up

Hey everyone!

I wanted to just give a quick apology for my absence and update of where I am now with my diet, exercise, etc.

My friend Penni that I introduced you to a week or so ago is in the process of finishing up another book. I had volunteered to read it and make suggestions before she submitted it for an impartial view.

So that is what I did all day Friday and most of Saturday.

Last night I finished it up. It is an excellent book and I cant wait for it to get published so I can share it with you all.

Anyways... I have still been able to keep up with the P90X. And I went to the gym thursday night for a quick half mile run, Body Pump and RPM.

Oh man was I sore on Friday! I am definitely going to be keeping up with Pump. I lost some weight that day too. 2.5 lbs.

I did gain it back since then (back up to 181.0) even though I have been eating well but I think it is from muscle bloat. And I remember gaining at the beginning when I originally started P90X too. So no worries here.

Friday even though I was sore, I still pushed thru and did P90X legs, shoulders and abs. Killer.

And that night I went to the gym and did a one mile run, lifted for my upper body, and went to my zumba class. The teacher was not there so we had a sub. It was quite interesting to see the different styles between the instructors. I really liked it and it gave me some different ideas for when I get my instructors certificate.

That night, a bunch of us went to K's house. We had a great time, had some wine, hummus, chips, onion pizza, veggie pizza and ladies had molten lava cake that I brought. We had a great night.

Saturday I had a bridal shower to go to so I was gone from mid morning til afternoon. Once I got home, I changed my clothes and did P90X kempo. I love that dvd. I get a great sweat and it is fun to punch and kick. Dont get in my way anyone!

Before Kempo though, a neighbor friend asked if I could help haul a bronze statue into their garage. No problem. In talking with C, she mentioned wanting to start juicing again. And I really want to try a juicing fast too. Last time I did a fruit and veggie fast, I was on day 3 and the tornado hit. Remember everyone?

So I was telling C how I didnt have a juicer. And she was telling me that the last time she did a juice cleanse she did it for 13 or 14 days and originally did it with some coworkers who only lasted about 7 days. She said the first 3 days she thought she was gonna die. LOL. But that she lost 13 lbs! I told her that if she wanted to do it, then I could bring produce over every night (for me) and we could juice for the next day. She did tell me that she had some veggie protein drink that she took so she could work out. And I told her I would probably continue with my whey protein so I could work out as well. We will see if we do it or not. Either way, I might borrow her juicer to try it myself.

And yesterday I received my bottle of Thermofit and container of Greens. I used the last of our orange juice to try the greens. And you really cant taste it if you mix it well. And so far I have taken two thermofit. I am very excited to see if that helps kick start the body.

I was also surprised to see a difference already when I look in the mirror. Even though my weight has gone up, my side view is definitely slimmer. My stomach goes in under my abs. Keeps me going for P90X.

Onto today...

So today is a rest day for P90X.

And Aaron made a great breakfast of hashbrowns, eggs, and bacon. And I had some. And I took a thermofit.

For lunch I will be having a protein shake. We are out of eggs currently so I thought it would be good to switch.

And I dont have the foggiest idea what I am making for dinner yet.

But even though today is a rest day for P90X, I will still probably do zumba toning tonight after the kids go to bed. So far today looks overcast and yucky so it will be a good day to stay inside. I also might try the stretch dvd that comes with P90X. Nothing like a good stretch.

Ok I am off for today! Have a great Sunday everyone!

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