Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sore today but it feels SO good!

Yesterday was my "easy" day of working out. I completed P90X Arms, shoulders and abs last night. In total, I burned 525 calories. Nice.

I also ate clean all day yesterday.

Breakfast was my green smoothie.
Snacks were almonds and walnuts.

Lunch was an english muffin with natural peanut butter, two hard boiled eggs, two stalks of celery and a half can of tuna.

For dinner I made the chicken bites from the recipe I posted a couple days ago. The kids loved them and ate almost all of them. I also sauteed some onion, mushrooms, garlic and fresh spinach with some coconut oil and then added brown rice and an egg. Kind of like fried rice. It was excellent and I have enough for left overs today!

I finally am sore after completing P90X yoga this morning and the arms last night. It is such a good ache and I really missed not having it before. I must be getting much stronger because it is taking A LOT to get me this sore anymore.

This morning in P90X yoga, I burned 409 calories in 90 minutes. That doesn't seem like a lot, but yoga isn't a high cardio exercise so I didn't expect much.

Tonight is a much different story. I plan on going to the gym and running on the treadmill before body pump and CX. That is the plan. Right now the mind is strong but my sore legs are saying I am crazy. I felt so great after my last run that I am dying to get back on the treadmill and run again but I dont want to hurt myself or do to much before the big Party on Saturday. I have three work out classes that day that I am signed up for- but more on that later!

I have to say that I feel great with eating clean. Aaron even commented that he is "regular" again. HA HA. I may invest in getting the Clean Eating magazine so I can get lots of new recipes to try.

Pinterest has also been a great spot to get recipes and ideas. I had no idea how many different blogs there were out there about Clean Eating. It seems like many people are fed up with all the additives in food and are going back to the "home made" approach.

I know many people work out there and lots of times the last thing you want to do when you get home is cook, but you can take a couple hours out of your weekend (or days off) and prep food to make your weeknight cooking faster. You would really be surprised after just a couple days how good you feel and how much more energy you have.

Tip of the day: From Clean Eating Magazine

"One hour before exercising, go for an easily digestible snack such as an apple or banana for energy and fullness. Bananas give you an extra, powerful boost of potassium and help relieve cramping for those who tend to have leg or food cramps on occasion while exercising. Energy bars can be filling too, as are nuts such as almonds, so enjoy those types of snacks after your exercise session. Of those, I recommend clean eating energy bars that have nuts and dried fruit in them, which I find easier to digest than oat-based bars. For a good post exercise meal, keep carbohydrates to a minimum and include lots of lean protein and vegetables"- Diane Morgan

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