Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pushing it...

I thought that this fact was interesting when I came across it...then I thought about all that I am doing.

I will be very interested to retake my fitness assessment in June to see if that fact is true!

Let me do a quick recap about what my program was yesterday and then I will get into what the plan is for today.

Yesterday was a nice break in the workout schedule. The only thing that I had to do was P90X Shoulders and Arms and Abs. This has been by far my favorite exercise routine for the P90X circuit so far. I LOVE working my arms. I LOVE building the "guns".

I did notice the other night in Body Flow however that my triceps are in big need of some help. Last night was a great way to get that started. We went in three exercise was for the shoulders, one for the biceps and one for the triceps. Then we repeated the three exercises we just did...afterwards moving onto three new exercises- one for the shoulders, one for the biceps and one for the triceps. Lather, rinse, repeat thru the dvd.

One thing I noticed is that I need to up my bicep weight. I was using 10lbs for each arm and I could do way more than the recommended 15 reps. I guess all the Body Pump work is paying off! I thought 10lbs would be a stretch!

I am a bit sore today but I know that I need to up my weight. That will be the goal for next Wed when I repeat the arms workout.

Onto my schedule for today.

This morning I got up and did P90X yoga. It was an excellent workout and is about 90 minutes. The beginning of the dvd is hard- not because of the moves but because most of the time your head is down by your feet and if you don't know or aren't familiar with the yoga moves, you can get kinda lost because you can't see the tv. Once you get into the groove, many of the moves repeat...cobra, upward dog, downward dog, runners stance, etc. The second half of the dvd all deals with balance. LOVED it though I laughed at trying to do the "crane". Nice thing is that they say if you can't do it (meaning the Crane- and I dont know many who can) you can just go to Childs Pose. Also if you stumble you just get right back in and keep working on it.

Tonight I have Les Mills Body Pump and then CX30 afterwards. I am going to try to up my weight in Pump by 1 lb for each body part. If you arent familiar with Body Pump, instead of doing reps like in normal weight lifting, you do a routine for an entire song. It is very intense and you feel the burn! I will probably do a little jogging before hand on the treadmill as a warm up.

Also just a reminder to any of those that are new to my blog, I have incorporated a few things into my diet to see if it helps with weight loss and toning besides just exercise.

I am on day 3 of 4 of the Flat Belly Sassy Water cleanse (you can find the recipe for it on a previous entry of mine). I am feeling great from it! Nice thing I find about it is that it ensures that I drink enough water during the day. Usually I am done with 2 L of sassy water by about 2pm. After that I just drink plain water. I am definitely hydrated!

I also incorporate one smoothie into my diet a day. It consists of 1 banana, frozen fruit (I like mixed berries or mangos and peaches), a big handful of fresh spinach and water. Blend it all up and then I stir in a spoonful of flax seed oil. Yummy and filling. I usually have that in the morning and it is a great way to sneak the greens into your diet. My youngest son loves them too!

Finally I am taking HealtheTrim. An all natural supplement that helps boost your metabolism. It is one of the things that I started taking to help me lose weight. Do I think that I could have lost 100lbs without it? Yes. Do I think I would have lost 100lbs in 9 months without it? Nope. No way. It helped me to change my diet- you can't have caffeine or artificial sweetener while taking it. It also helped suppress hunger. And for whatever reason, being on it cut out cravings for junk food. I don't know if that was because of the pills or because I finally had committed to a change, but hey, I will take it! I also won a contest on their site- You can see my testimonial on

Now however, I dont think that I need to rely on it anymore. I plan on using up the pills that I have and ween myself off of them. If I can't keep the weight off with all that I am doing then all this is for not. This "diet" isn't just temporary anymore- it has become a way of life and a lifestyle change.

I was upstairs this morning freshening up after yoga, and it looks like my excess belly skin is already starting to tighten. It doesn't look like I have as much skin fold hanging down as I used to when I stand sideways. This could be a trick with my eyes though and proof will be in the pudding when I get my 30 day pictures done at the end of the month. I really wish I would have gotten a close up of my stomach area to have as a guideline before I started, but I will make sure I do it the end of the month. I don't know that I should post them online- they aren't very pretty. HA! But it is keeping me motivated to keep on pushing on to get the best results I can get!

Tomorrow is going to be my most challenging workout day yet. Morning consists of P90X legs, back and abs. Evening is my zumba class followed by CX30 followed by my free 30 minute session with my personal trainer, Eric. Whew! I may not be able to walk on Saturday!

Stay tuned to see how it goes!
I really hope this blog inspires people that anything is possible with a hard work!

If anyone ever has any questions about anything I have done, be it my initial weight loss or what I am doing now, I am always willing to talk about it! Just let me know!

Tip of the day- comes from Weight Watchers Magazine:

Secret weapon- After exercising, write the type of workout you have just completed on your calendar with colored pencils- like cardio in blue or strength training in orange. It helps to track your progress and will help inspire you to push yourself. Plus if you have a few colorless days in a row on your calendar, its your signal to schedule a workout so you can write it down. (Tip from Renee R. of Ann Arbor, Michigan).

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