Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sassy Water and Heart Monitor

Last night I decided that my body needed a day of rest and I did not do the elliptical and free weights like I originally planned. My whole body ached so badly that I knew it needed a day to recover. I feel much better today and plan on hitting my moms treadmill tonight.

So instead of exercising, I went to the grocery store and picked up the ingredients for the sassy water. I made it up and have been drinking it this morning. The flavor isnt exactly what I was expecting. You can definitely taste more cucumber and less mint than what I thought you would. It is still very good and very refreshing. Im not sure if the flavor difference is because I couldnt find "spearmint" but just mint. I wasnt sure if it was the same thing or not, but I made do for now with what I could find.

Last night I started to look into a calorie counter/heart rate monitor. I think that it would really help me to keep track of how many calories I burn a day. I dont see myself really needing to keep track weekly, so I am going on a recommendation from Melissa Munger and am seriously considering the Polar F4 monitor with chest strap. She is a personal trainer and has owned this monitor herself so I take her recommendations in highest regard. She mentioned that the chest strap is the most accurate way to monitor your heart rate and as a bonus it works with Powerhouses equipment which means I wont have to hold onto the handles anymore if I want to monitor my heart rate. Bonus for me! Plus it has very good ratings on the internet as well.

This weekend I head to Saginaw with the boys to go on our delayed after Christmas shopping trip with my mom. Im sure to burn some calories while digging through racks. Ha!

I am also very excited because going to Saginaw means I will be getting the P90X dvds. That means Phase 2 of my body makeover starts on Monday. Plus I will be getting my old yoga mat back from my mom and that means I can retire my current mat that is shredding all over the gym floor.

My tip for the day is shown above. I always find that it is good to have a list handy of "Healthy Snacks" to keep you on track when you have those cravings. Posting it on the fridge is a handy reminder of what you are trying to achieve before opening that door to reach for what is convenient.

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  1. LOVE the healthy snacks info! Thanks for sharing! :)