Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Feeling great!

I woke up today feeling the best that I have in a LONG time. And that is even with limited sleep because my 2.5 year old insisted on getting up all night to party by himself. He is a very LOUD talker.

I don't know to contribute the feeling good with the exercise, the clean eating, or a combination of both!

Either way, I am hooked on the eating clean. I got on the scale today (I know I shouldn't weigh myself everyday, but I do), and I lost another 2 lbs! That makes 4 lbs in two days and I did nothing more but incorporate clean eating.

Last night at the gym, I decided to run instead of doing my 30 min circuit. I will be working my arms and shoulders and abs tonight, and it had been a while since I had a good run so I am delaying it. So I got a good 3.1 miles in prior to going into CXWorx. I was sweating so bad, the knees of my pants were wet and my sweatshirt was drenched. It was great!

CX was good. Every time I take that class I see improvement with my core. This time for side planks I was able to raise one leg on one of my sides. My other side is obviously my weak side, but I am working on making it stronger.

Flow is always a good class. I get a great stretch from it. However, I am really beginning to dread hearing Adeles "Rolling in the Deep". We do that song in both CX and Flow and it always means ab work!

Between running, CX and Flow, I burned 1201 calories. So my total burn for the day from working out was 1801 (600 calories was from from Plyometrics).

So what did I eat yesterday??

Breakfast was my green smoothie- 1 banana, frozen mango, frozen peaches, and a BIG handful of spinach and water. Blend it all up and add a big spoonful of flaxseed oil. LOVE them!

Lunch- whole wheat english muffin toasted with all natural peanut butter, two hard boiled eggs, 2 stalks of celery, and a half a can of tuna. I used the celery as a spoon for the tuna. Very yummy!

Dinner- half a chicken sausage left over from the night before, my left over pasta from the night before, string cheese and the other half a can of tuna. Very filling!

I did munch on almonds as a snack throughout the day. If I start to get hungry, I find they are a good filler.

Also yesterday I opened up a container of almond milk (unsweetened) and had a few glasses of that from lunch on.

So thats it! The theme of the day is Eat Clean and Exercise Dirty!!

Now as a side note- my sister has figured out her wedding date of July 28th this year. We ruled out a couple of dresses for me that we already have. I really want to go to a bridal store and try on some bridesmaid dresses even though we will probably buy one from JC Pennys or another Department store.

Why? You may ask?

I have NEVER been able to try on a regular dress in a bridal shop without having to buy a size 40 or shop from the plus sizes..(bridal sizes suck quite frankly!) I think trying on dresses this time will be lots of fun and I wont be restricted by the size of my clothes.

Tip of the Day- from Weight Watchers Magazine:
Iceberg lettuce, cucumbers and celery have fiber and almost no calories. But lets face it: They're nutrient weaklings. As an alternative, select darker, more deeply hued items like spinach, peppers or scallions, which are richer in nutrients like Vitamin C.


  1. This is awesome! I can't wait to hear more about eating clean!

  2. Bridal stores- supposed to be the happiest time of your life, picking out your wedding dress with your mom and your besties, and then nothing zips and you can't get a good idea what it will look like on you... You want to leave and never go back!