Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My mantra

This is my mantra for P90X.

This is the attitude I had going into last nights
workout for back, shoulders and abs.

This is the attitude I had going into today's Plyometrics. Especially after hearing that today's workout was the hardest one.

Guess what? I survived. I was a little sore today from last nights workout but not bad. Aaron however was more sore than me. But he doesn't work out like I do.

I decided that I would give Plyometrics a go this morning and if I still felt good afterwards, I would hit the gym tonight to do CX30 and Body Flow.

Guess where I am going tonight? That's right- the gym.

Was it a tough workout? You bet your butt. I couldn't jump as high or move as fast during some of the moves as the instructors. My shirt got soaked. But I didn't give up. I just kept going. Giving up is no longer an option for me. It just isn't in the vocabulary anymore.

For those of you just starting to lose weight, P90X Plyometrics is not for you. It is a high impact workout. I couldn't have done this workout 100 lbs ago or probably even before I started running. My knees would have just given out.

However- I really do like this program so far. If you decide to try it, just remember that the more weight you lose and the more experience you gain, the more advanced your moves will become.

I'm looking forward to hearing Aarons experience with Plyometrics tonight. I need to trust him to complete the hardest workout on his own and believe he won't give up after 5 minutes. But if he does, he is just setting the bar to go further next time. Everything is baby steps. If you can only do 20 minutes, push for 25 next time. The key isn't to kill yourself. It is to make yourself stronger, leaner and healthy.

I went ahead and mapped out the P90X weeks on my calendar. I plan on doing the Flat Tummy Sassy Water cleanse weeks 1, 5 and 9 too. According to my calendar, we should be done with the program by the beginning of April. Just in time for Aarons birthday and for Easter. I cant think of a better way to celebrate!

Tip of the day:
I found this in the Weight Watchers magazine that my mother in law passed to me. It is full of a ton of great tips that I will be passing onto you. Today's has to do with getting exercise at home.

Q. I don't have a lot of money to spend on fitness. Can I still get in shape?

A. Absolutely! Sure, you can have a $100 a month gym membership, but if you don't use it, you're not going to magically get in shape. That's why I'm a fan of low-cost ideas that you can do in your own home. Try working little bits of activity into things your already doing; for example, count how many jumping jacks you can do during the first commercial break of a tv show. At the next break, try to beat your record. Keep this up until the end of the show and you will have completed a mini workout without even realizing it.

Instead of a zumba class try dancing to the dishes. Put on some upbeat tunes while you're loading the dishwasher, or move and groove to the beat as you wash and dry- you will be amazed at how energized you will feel afterwards.

Want stronger arms? Stand a little more than arm's length from a wall with feet shoulder width apart, back straight; lean forward and place hands on the wall. Bend arms slowly, keeping feet in place, until chin touches the wall; then just as slowly, straighten arms back to starting position. Do 10 reps.

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