Monday, January 30, 2012

Back in the saddle...

After a long weekend and mild indulgence, I am back on my fitness "wagon".

Today was a double class of CXWorx at the gym as I helped my two friends (and instructors) do their "Final Exam" video for Les Mills. Both Melissa and Tee did great. Calories burned: 578.

Then I came home and while my boys had lunch I did my missed Kenpo from Saturday. Calories burned: 435. I missed it because I was at a mom to mom sale. That evening, my in laws came for a visit and I wasn't able to do it that night due to some over imbibing of wine on my part. Ha.

Sunday morning meant "recovery" for me then a birthday party at the nursing home for my husbands grandfather. I had a small piece of carrot cake. It was delicious.

Dinner Sunday night was with my mother in law and some of her friends at the Olive Garden. For those who don't know, you can ask for a nutritional list of all of their meals to see what is the healthiest option. I went with the Venetian Apricot Chicken. It was excellent and was only 400 calories, 7 grams of fat, 2 grams saturated fat, and 51 grams of protein. I also asked that I could have olive oil and balsamic vinegar instead of the house dressing for my salad. It was a healthier option. I did have some breadsticks and dessert. One of their mini mousses. A great way to get a good decadent taste without over indulging and feeling guilty.

Take a good look at the picture above. Look at the internal organs. See how smooshed they are with all the surrounding fat? Look at the knees. See how the bones meet and have no cushion? See how the feet are turned slightly in to accommodate the legs meeting together? That was me. Well the picture isn't OF me, but really this is a very good representation of "me" before I lost weight. I used to hate getting out of breath by doing simple things- well just look at how compressed my lungs were. My knees hurt? Look at all the extra weight they need to support.

Seeing this picture is a great mental reminder that I am NEVER going back there again. I may choose to indulge now and again, but I always get back on the wagon. Everything in moderation.

Which leads me to my next topic for tomorrow...and something for you to think about until then...

This Sunday is the Superbowl. Will you be going someplace to watch it? Will you be having a party at your house? How do you plan on staying on track with your diet? To ensure that you stay on course of your New Years goals.

Tip of the Day:
A reminder is a great thing to place on your fridge of the goal you want to attain. Whether it be a note of pounds you want to lose, or a picture of the body you want to create for yourself, or the body you don't want to be anymore. Find some pictures, keep them with you. Someplace you can pull the picture out of before you eat, or just when you need that extra motivation to get to the gym.


  1. Wow intriguing picture! I went to Olive Garden this weekend too!

  2. It had been forever since I have been to Olive Garden. I avoided it thinking my only option was pasta. How wrong I was! I thought the picture was great at showing what your poor insides are like when you are overweight. I find it motivating to get more fit because of it.

  3. The health assessments by Dr. Huizenga at the beginning of the BL season is indeed eye-opening! I'll be at my parents house where my huge family gets together and everyone brings something. It's all about the food! I'm going to bring my usual sweet and sour meatballs and a veggie platter so I can stuff my face with that!

  4. I agree. I like that the BL focuses on peoples current health and then what they end up achieving. Veggie platters are always safe!