Thursday, August 22, 2013

Catching Up

One thing I am figuring out on this journey is that as hard and as much as I want it to, my body just has its own ideas of what I should weigh.

I am learning that weight is just a number. It is a hard lesson to try to remember.

Today my weight is up a bit to 176.0 BUT my shorts that were tight are now very loose.

My legs are getting bigger and more defined. Obviously muscle is being added.

T25 is still kicking my ass. I have not missed a day. Every day I get up excited to do my workout. Then I start and wonder what I got myself into. But before I know it, the workout is done and I feel bad ass!

On top of all that, I have been trying to weed the garden. It is so overgrown that I am just going thru and pulling plants that really aren't weeds but are just really overgrown plants. I just want to make it beautiful and easy to maintain. Something that it is currently NOT!

Serious calorie burn, serious blisters on my palms from using the little spade but the weight is still up. Oh's to the well's.

Today I am on track but tonight might throw me off. We go to Xaviers school tonight to meet the new principal and take a tour. Then we are either going to Buffalo Wild Wings or Red Robin for dinner. My goal is to eat at neither place and have a protein shake when I get home. We will see if I can stay strong. Lol

I am trying to do a bit of a cleanse by having two protein shakes today.

Tomorrow I head to my sisters for a garage sale. Hopefully we can sell lots of our stuff.
 And I plan on packing some food to take with me. My Shakeology, peanut butter, hard boiled eggs, English muffin, egg whites, balsamic vinegar are just a few.

I want to make it easy on myself to make good choices.

When you go somewhere do you pack food? How do you say no and stay on track?

Tip of the day:


  1. Love the comparison pics....seriously. You are kicking ass.

  2. You look amazing! I'm starting to learn that the number on the scale isn't painting the whole picture. I was around this weight two years ago but I feel like I'm leaner than I was two years ago from all the exercise I've been doing between then and now.

    Non-scale victories are equally if not more important :)

    I pack snacks or plan ahead when I know I"m heading out so I can make good choices. If I do indulge, I chose it purposely and not because I was starving for something.