Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Wrapup and a Progress Photo

So are you just dying to know my results from week 1 of T25?

I know I sure was!!

Here they are:

 -9 lb!! which we know was a lot of water weight but hell. Not all 9 lbs was...I can tell you that!

-1" on my waist, -1" on my chest, -1" on each leg and -1" on each arm.

I would say that is pretty damn good!

Check out my picture. I would say that is BIG changes!

Now tell me that you dont want to try T25...LOL! You know where to find me if you do. :)

And over the weekend my eating was on point. I was so proud of myself because remember last weekend when I gained a bunch of weight? Well Aaron and I went to the same place on Saturday that we went last weekend. And I said no to alcohol. Well ok...I had one sip of Aarons pina colada and one sip of a "rum" punch that was really just rum with some pink dye in it...LOL and two jello shots. I also had packed my food to keep me on track. And when we picked the kids up from grandma and grandpa, I just waited until we got home to eat. See? I told you nothing was going to derail me!

AND even before that, Friday night we went out to dinner and then went and saw We're the Millers. I had two glasses of red wine and a salad that I put hummus on instead of salad dressing.

At the movies, I had nothing. No soda, no was SO hard but once the movie started, I was fine.

I highly recommend the movie. All the best parts are NOT on the commercials. In fact, the commercials use stuff that isnt even in the movie. So if you like a raunchy type comedy...go see it!

And you know what? I actually LOST weight over the weekend! Back down to 174.5. Whew. I cant wait to be out of the 170's again!

Holy crap! That is a first loss over a weekend in I dont know HOW long!

After a typical T25 workout. Dripping with sweat
So today is Week 2, Day 1 of T25. Cardio. I did that this morning (first thing) and found out that I was able to do more this time then I was last week. Down ups killed me last week and I had to modify. Today, I didnt! Progress! Another way to tell that I pushed myself more is that I burned more calories. 420 to be exact!

Breakfast was my normal shakeo with banana and peanut butter.
Lunch is a dry english muffin with 2 eggs, 4 egg whites and sliced tomato.
Dinner is tilapia with kale and tomatoes. I had this for dinner yesterday and made extra helpings for me this week. I plan on having this about 4:30 before I leave for Zumba at 5.
Not sure what I am going to do about snack. I am almost out of turkey and I am out of yogurt. I will figure it out later though. Maybe an Arbonne protein shake. Dunno.

And finally...

IF you are interested in trying T25, I will be starting a challenge group on Facebook in TWO weeks! Just let me know under "comments" if you want more info.

Have a great Monday everyone!