Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gluttony and T25

You are probably wondering where I have been. I mean I sign up for Focus T25, get it in the mail and then you hear nothing out of me!

Well this past Saturday we had a memorial for Aarons grandpa. He passed away February 2012, was cremated and never was buried. So that was what we did Saturday.

I did not eat well that day. At all. Too many mini strudels, a half a hot dog, cake, beer, just plain craziness. Part of me was like "f" it. I'm starting T25 on Monday.

Then came Sunday. Aaron and I went out for the day bringing our alcohol and jello shots with us. That night was pizza, and bread sticks and salad.

Not good.

Monday I was afraid to get on the scale. But I did. And while the number doesn't matter (it was BAD), I knew I was going to commit myself to Focus T25.

I took my measurements, recorded my weight, and did day one of T25.

25 minutes of heart pumping, nonstop cardio. In 25 minutes I burned 372 calories and was dripping with sweat.

After, I showered and went grocery shopping. After the grocery store I went to GNC. I wanted to buy a fat burner called B4 that was advertised in a fitness magazine that I had read. When I talked to the guy at GNC, he told me that B4 is crap. He showed me instead a dual pack that had a fat burner and also a CLA for toning. Many fitness competitors use them.

I also bought a multivitamin because I didn't have a good one.

Here is what I bought, in case you are curious:

So far, so good. Yesterday I was a bit jittery from the fat burner but I didn't have a problem with it today.

Last night was Zumba. We had our biggest class ever of 5 people! Woo hoo!

Eating was also on point. Breakfast was vanilla shakeology, lunch was straight from the T25 cookbook. 2 eggs, 4 egg whites all scrambled, half of a tomato diced up on top of the eggs and 5 fresh basil leaves chopped up. Yummy! I also had my left over black bean salad made with diced tomatoes and chilies, onions and cilantro. Snack was plain Greek yogurt (3/4 cup) with 1/2 cup fresh raspberries, 1 T raw slivered almonds and a small drizzle of raw honey. Yum! Dinner was turkey roll ups from T25. 3 oz of nitrate free turkey lunch meat with raw red bell peppers sliced up with avocado slices. AWESOME! That night I had my casein shake with some natural peanut butter in it.

This morning I was down 3.5 lbs from what I gained this weekend.

Ah, water weight. Thou art a heartless bitch.

This morning was day 2.

T25 speed.

And surprisingly I liked this one better. There were breaks after every move in which we stretched and worked on balance. Don't get me wrong. It was still fricken hard. Fast feet, burpees, punches etc... But I liked it. And I made it thru. But barely both days.

And my calves are killing me-  in a good way.

Today in 25 minutes I burned 353 calories. Not shabby huh?

My meal today has been identical to yesterday except that in my morning shakeology I had half a banana and some peanut butter.

My energy level has been thru the roof. Might be from the shakeology or the vitamins but I feel great.

Aaron and I were gonna hit the rec center tonight but he now is going out with clients for dinner. SO I am staying home and will lift weights in the basement tonight. I'm thinking a bit of everything. Tomorrow is total body circuit for T25 so I don't want to kill one part more than another.

And Aaron did T25 yesterday and he is going to do T25 when he gets home tonight. He told me he isn't a fan of these at home workout programs, but he likes this one better than P90X and only finds it "mildly annoying" lol.

And because the kids are gone until tomorrow, I have been working on my personal training cert. I was able to get all the essays done today so all I have left is 1.5 case studies. The kids come home tomorrow so I am hoping to get almost all the way thru it by the time they get home.

This weekend Aarons mom wants the boys overnight again so as of right now Aaron are planning on doing the same thing we did last Sunday... But without the bad eating and alcohol. I want the best results I can get from T25. I. Am. Committed!

How about you? What are you committed to?


  1. Love that you are feeling so great!

    1. Thanks! Feeling great but really sore lol

  2. I'm committed to leaving calories in the "bank" on MFP so I actually continue to lose weight! Doing really well these last couple of weeks.

    1. Its hard to leave the calories banked, isn't it!