Tuesday, June 19, 2012

weekend wrap up

hey everyone. hope everyone had  a great weekend. mine was full of ups and downs. both literally and figuratively. friday night i had zumba and cx. the rooms air conditioner broke and zumba class literally fogged the windows. that made for cx to be a bit more difficult because everything was wet from the floor to the yoga mats to ourselves which made doing planks without sliding dang near impossible. after that i flew home to shower and change and meet new friends and neighbors down at the village park for the first night of dexters summer concert series. we brought wine. lol. i made sure to eat an apple for dinner on the way back from the gym but it wasnt enough. after a couple small glasses of wine i was feeling it. we ended up closing the park down...lol. the concert was done at nine and we stuck around talking til eleven. then k went home and k, c and i went across the street to aubreys to get some food in our bellys...namely feta bread. oh yum. i thought for sure i would have gained weight that night however the next morning i was very shocked to see i didnt gain or lose anything. for that i was actually happy. guess between the the gym and the laughter i burned mega calories.   then saturday we had a graduation party to go to. it was a blast but was full of tempting foods. hot dogs, hamburgers, fried chicken, pasta salads, subs, popcorn, cotton candy and oh the cupcakes. all sorts of different flavors...mint chocolate, mt dew, cookie dough, peanut butter, bubble gum...you name it. i held strong and had some grilled chicken breast strips, a ton of fresh veggies, a bit of fresh fruit, one meatball, a couple small bites of cupcake to which i fed the rest to their dog so i wouldnt eat anymore, and a handful of popcorn. not shabby. so then on the way home xavier says my tummy doesnt feel good and he pukes literally six times in the car and most of it was before i could grab him a plastic bag. so then we had to pull over and strip both him and his carseat down. thank goodness i had his swimsuit with us. we had stipped at a greek restaraunt and aaron went inside to ask for a towel. they handed him back two napkins. seriously. he said no that wasnt enough and they gave him two wet naps. seriously. lol. so he grabbed a handful of napkins and out he came. thank goodness we had diaper wipes on us and some spare plastic bags. so after we got him cleaned up, i stacked some newspapers on top of his carseat for a bit of a cush, put a piece of fabric over that and strapped him back in. he complained the whole way home of his tummy hurting and eneded up puking again in the car. this time i got it in a bag. when we got home, aaron had to return a redbox movie and i wanted to run on the elliptical. we got the kids to bed, i gave xavier a bucket to puke in and sent him to bed. i told him if he felt like he had to get sick to stick his head in the bucket then call me. i didnt want puke on our new carpet. i had kept telling aaron before that not to give him water. he will throw it up. well all night long xavier kept calling for aaron. aarong kept giving him water. and what did xavier do? throw up. duh. i was so angry that no one would listen to me. finally i gave him some flat sierra mist and that seemed to help a bit. he threw up and one am, then again at four am. that seemed to be the last of it when he came running into our room at seven am to let us know his tummy didnt hurt anymore.  that morning for breakfast i gave him some jello and some gatorade i ran out to get. it was faters day and i wanted to see if he was truly back to normal before heading to the next party. it seemed like he was on the mend. he had his jello and some crackers. a few bites of sandwich for lunch and we sent the boys off to bed for an early nap. aaron and i were exhausted too. that afternoon we headed to my grandpas house for a fathers day get together. i brought fresh veggies, and a can of tuna for myself. i knew there were going to be ribs but i didnt know what else. well there was cole slaw and potato salad too as well as key lime pie bars and brownies. i was so glad i brought what i did. i ended up eating veggies, my tuna, one very small rib, oh and half of one of my moms rolls which are to die for. and one small key lime pie bar which was ok and not worth the calories. then xavier threw up again. seriously. really? ugh. we cleaned the cement off...that goodness we were outside...and got him settled. i grabbed some ziploc bags to take with us just in case he had to get sick again. i really think he got sick because he had food his belly wasnt ready for after being sick. cole slaw, a rib, a roll and a brownie. plus he was running and jumping and rolling all around the yard. after that, no more puking and he said his belly felt fine. and even better was that he slept all night. so when we got home, we got them to bed and i went on the elliptical for an hour. i said before this weekend was full of highs and lows, ups and downs...you can see why. but with all that being said, i lost two and a half pounds this weekend. a major victory for me. this was the first time ever that i have lost weight on a weekend with major events. i usually find myself over indulging and screwing up what i lost the week before. yesterday i did my twenty minute zumba in the morning and worked in the garden all day. i lost another pound this morning. so now i am down to one hundred seventy point five pounds. not bad.  today i am getting ready to go do my twenty minute zumba again. i have found if i can do that in the morning, it gets my calories burning for the day. then we are going to run to lowes to get more weed barrier and work more outside.  then tonight is my long day with cx, body flow and rpm. whew. i am hoping to be in the one sixtys tomorrow... so close. hope you all have a great tuesday.


  1. Wow! Great job! (Sorry about all the puking!)

  2. Losing weight during major events is awesome! I hate when my little guy is sick. HATE it.