Wednesday, June 13, 2012

tuesday and tornado recaps

hi everyone. going great here. yesterday was very busy with plyometrics, then arc, cx, body flow and rpm. had a great talk with eric, my personal trainer, last night after rpm. he says that he is going to teach me to train smart and get all i need in way of exercise done in thirty minutes because he thinks i overtrain. i am not denying that at all. i am sure i do. i just want to get results quick. lol.    so this morning i weighed in and one hundred seventy seven point five. scale is going in the right direction.   today i took it a bit easy and did p ninety x shoulders, arms and abs. i had to start and stop multiple times due to kids, phone calls, people at the door, etc but i did get it done and only had to restart the dvd one time. tonight the family and i went for a long walk around the neighborhood. we like to check out the progress of what is going on.   a mild day for me exercise wise, but nice. i had started to work out this morning then the doorbell rang. it was my neighbors. they had asked if i could sit their kids while they met with their builder and i said sure. well facebook didnt send one of the messages and i thought that their meeting was at five tonight. here it was actually at ten in the morning. lol. so i never did get my breakfast smoothie. lunch was carrots, english muffin with real peanut butter and two hard boiled eggs. dinner was a chicken breast, green beans and some raw red peppers. yummy. so i was on track today with my eating. my snack tonight were a few wasabi edamame and some hot tea. my night snacking has been my downfall and i really have to watch it.   tomorrow is a late night at the gym with an rpm class. not sure if i will do arc or run on the treadmill before class. plus tomorrow is p ninety x yoga and the first of my discs that is missing. i will be substituting x two yoga for it instead. very interested to see how it goes.   ok now for the tornado construction update. we are back in the house now. officially so since right before memorial weekend. the tornado hit the house march fifteenth. and we are the first ones back in our house on our hard hit area. right now we only have one other family that has gotten back in and he lives across the street and a couple houses down from us. we had the same builder. go figure. other than that, you have to go down about five houses from ours before you find habitable homes. and even the habitable homes are still needing siding or roofs. people are still fighting trying to get the yards replaced because of all the glass and debris. it is crazy. so why dont we have internet and cable now that we are back in? well it is complicated. lol. aaron is still looking for a job and is hoping to have something finalized next week. say some prayers. also we need to replace our large tv. geek squad is coming out to see if they can fix it but what i thought was originally pixels out, now looks like gouges from debris that hit it. we will see if it can be repaired on friday. also we are shopping for a deal. comcast has been less than helpful with us and our neighbors in this situation. one neighbor lost his entire house and comcast was still calling to get their boxes back. really? so we are trying to find a deal for the big three...cable, internet and phone. but in our area we are limited.  so we have a choice of going back to comcast, cancelling the phone with them because i already had canceled internet and cable and switching it over to aarons name to get the new customer deal...which i really dont want to do because i dont want to change our number or i call and talk to retention and see what i can do. i still have their boxes and modem. or we check into what dish has to offer. they dont have their pricing online which is a total pain for me. we will  be making a decision about cable next week. i will probably have to call and chew out comcast normal. we are still sleeping on an air mattress. the boys have their mattresses, but we havent replaced ours yet. once again, it comes to money and stretching the budget. we also dont have a grill. i really miss my grill. we are waiting on another insurance check to come thru. once it does, the grill, mattress and maybe tv will be on our replacement list. we also have to replace the lawn.  right now it sparkles with glass and nails. when you cut the grass you have to wear safety goggles. one of the neighbors was hit with a nail just above her eye and thankfully suffered no permanent damage. insurance will cover scraping and removal of the sod but not replacement. we also need to get a sprinkler system to keep the sod from dying. just add it to the list of things that need to be done. other than that, we are pretty much settled though it may not seem like it. a lot of decisions will be made soon regarding some personal things that have been stressing aaron and i out. once that is done and the job for him is finalized, i will be able to take a calm step back and really recover from all that has happened over the last year. it will be a great time for reflection.  anyone have any questions, let me know. besides a couple things which i am sure i will blog about later as therapy of sorts, my life is an open book. and it gives me a good subject for my blog for the day. i am sure you get sick of hearing what i did for exercise and what i ate for the day. lol. night all. blog more soon.


  1. Thanks for answering my questions! I thought maybe there was a lot of work to be done from wires down, etc. I totally understand trying to get a good deal. We have "Triple Play" and pay $160/month. Pretty sure we don't have FiOs around here yet, so we're stuck with choosing between Cablevision or satelite...

    I never thought of how dangerous it still is months after the tornado hits. You can't really run around in your yard barefoot to run through the sprinkler or play on the Slip 'n Slide. We only have to dodge dog poop!

    Hoping everything works out!

  2. Congrats on the scale victory! I HATE appliance repairs - ugh - our washer broke (only after 1yr and 2 months-ugh! It will cost 200 to repair-WHAT!!