Monday, June 4, 2012

figured it out!

this is going to be very rudimentary blogs for right now, but i figured out how to post a new blog from my phone. right now we do not have internet which is why i have to do it this way. i completed my first half marathon yesterday which i vowed would be my last. today however it seems like i like to torture my body and am thinking that i could do that race once a year and next time be better prepared for it. i hit a panic number on the scale today of one hundred eighty phone wont let me do the numbers function...weird. anyways, i am blaming it on swelling from the race yesterday because i wasnt near that number a couple days ago. so today i am taking it easy but getting my body back in the mode by starting a mostly fruit and veggie fast. i also plan on starting back to the gym this week to start major cardio work again. i have approx seven weeks until my sisters wedding on july twenty eight. i need to get as close to my pre tornado weight as possible because right now my dress is tight.


  1. Are you in the house yet? Is it all finished? Get those darn servicemen over there and hook up your internet! We need to hear what's been going on!! Like, how was the half???

  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing..