Monday, June 11, 2012

monday, monday

this weekend was great. friday i had zumba and cx. oh boy was i sore saturday from cx. amazing how quickly you can get weak. saturday i signed up for rpm. class was ten dollars and it was a fundraiser to benefit cancer research. great class and i was very sore. one bummer though was that my heart rate monitor stopped working part way thru rpm so i had no idea how many calories i burned. i figured the battery was starting to die. it was taking more and more time for it to find my heart rate. eric told me after class that i could get the watch battery replaced wherever. i had to go to meijer anyways so i stopped there to get one. the guy who tried to be helpful and undo the back actually screwed up the back because the pieces around the plastic groove where you put a quarter to open it started to chip off. instead of stopping hekinda really messed it up. so who knows if i will have to replace the whole thing or not. i will probabaly take it to a watch shop and see what they can do. anyways sunday was landrys birthday party. had a great time. the scale didnt really like me for it today but oh well. today i took my boys with me to the gym. i got in one point eight seven miles on the treadmill before class. then i took cx. then i came home and started back up with p ninety x. day one all over again. push ups and pull ups. ouch. my shoulder is still screwy so i was taking it easy with the push ups. hopefully it starts to get better now that i can exercise regularly. when i was getting ready to set up the dvd, i noticed i am missing three dvds from the set. yoga, legs and back, and kempo. really bummed. i figure i can substitute in for legs and back. maybe do p ninety x two yoga, and then do cardio x for kempo. i will just have to figure it out. tonight i plan on going on the ellpitical for a while. hopefully i can get a good burn on. i would love to be in the one sixtys by the beginning of next week. dont know if it is possible, but we shall see. oh and on another fun note...when the gym was doing the fundraiser for cancer research day, they also had silent auctions going on. i bid on three thirty minute sessions with personal trainer eric. and guess what? i won. very excited about it. i plan on waiting a bit to meet with him until i start losing some of the weight i gained back. i want to use the sessions to break thru any plateaus i may hit. have a great monday everyone.


  1. Very cool (concerning the sessions with the personal trainer)!

    New to your blog - look forward to following!

  2. Glad ou won the prize you wanted! What do you think happened to the DVDs? Were they lost in the tornado?