Saturday, June 9, 2012

couple day updates

hi  everyone. i wanted to let you know that i am still alive and kicking and back at the gym. yesterday i went and got just over a couple miles in on the fat burn setting on the treadmill and then geared up for rpm. it was great. i didnt realize how much i missed it. eric definitely kicked my butt with some new tracks. but i stuck with it and burned a crzy amount of calories. today i did another coule miles on the treadmill, again on the weight loss setting. then i hit zumba and cx. i have been having major problems with my shoulder lately and the range of motion has been going down with it. didnt realize how much that would affect me until i was trying to do a side plank tonight and about died. i can feel the knot in my muscle in my shoulder. hoping that is all it is and that it isnt a rotator cuff issue. but i still burned over one thousand calories and i am very good with that. saturday brings more time on the treadmill and then rpm class. they are doing a fundraiser for cancer along with a silent auction. each class is ten dollars so i signed up for just one. i also put a bid on a silent auction prize. a set of three personal training sessions with eric. i hope i win it so he can help kick my butt into gear and get me ready for the wedding the end of july. the scale numbers are starting to go down. friday morning i weighed in at one hundred seventy six. not bad considering i was at one eighty one the beginning of the week. i am hoping to get back into the one sixties by next weekend. if i do, i will retry on my dress for my sisters wedding to see how it is fitting. monday i plan on starting up p ninety x again. that will help get me back into shape quickly as well. also i know i said i was going to do a fruit and veggie fast. but i was still in pain from the half marathon and felt that it might not be the best time to shock the body more. however i have been having my smoothie for breakfast along with coffee. lunch has been baby carrots with two hard boiled eggs, and a toasted bagel with all natural peanut butter. dinner has been all veggies. the other night i made czesias brussell sprouts again. i love that recipe. i added sauted onions, mushrooms and garlic to mine too. so things are going well. i am going to try to stay on track with the diet this weekend. sunday will be difficult because it is my youngests birthday party. i did however go buy all natural chicken sausages for myself so i can have those instead of a regular hot dog. i will be staying away from the pulled pork but will be filling up on the veggies. i will probably treat myself and have some potato salad too. going to try to stay away from the cake but we will see... that is the news for now. thanks for reading.

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  1. Thanks for the welcome (new reader here). Congrats on all the hard work. I've got a lot of catching up reading to do to check out what you did to get from August 2010 to Dec. Wow.