Saturday, June 16, 2012

positive progress

well i have some good news. with me working out like crazy this week, i am down to one hundred seventy four pounds. hopefully i can stay on task this weekend because we have a graduation party today and fathers day bbq tomorrow. i dont have a plan for today because it would be rude to bring my own food, lol, but i plan on eating before we go to the party. tomorrow, we have the bbq at my grandpas house so i dont feel bad about bringing food that i can eat. tomorrow will be lots of fresh veggies and a plain ole can of tuna. i also plan on doing some zumba tomorrow morning to get the calorie burn going for the day.   yesterday i did zumba and the ac broke in the classroom. we literally fogged the mirrors up. got a great sweat going for cx too however it was very hard to plank with everything wet from the humidity. last night i fell off the diet, clean eating wagon a bit when i met some neighbors at the park for the concert that dexter does every friday during the summer. had a great time and a couple glasses of wine for dinner, lol, and started feeling it. after the concert was done, we walked across the street to get something in our bellys. feta bread. my love and my enemy. i figured even though we split the bread, i was sure to gain weight from the wine and bread. huge relief and surprise this morning when i didnt gain a thing. makes it much easier to stay on course today. had a great time, a lot of laughs, and got to know my neighbors better. it was an excellent stress relief and break from tornado related things for all of us.    as for the internet front, floks i will hopefully have something up and running by end of next week. the problem we have here is that comcast is the only cable provider. and they like to screw us on pricing. so now we have to look at dish network and at and t. that is probably the route we will be taking. i will be calling them first thing on monday to discuss the options for us.   and on a personal front, please say some prayers for my husband. he had a phone interview yesterday and it went so well that a higher up person called him right after that. monday he has a third round phone interview with this company. tuesday he has a second round interview with a different company too. so please keep your fingers crossed that something firms up for him.  have a great weekend and happy fathers day to all you dads out there.


  1. You are doing great! I've done the same thing, eaten a lil' something on on plan, afraid to see the scale jump up a lb or two the next day, only for it not to happen!