Tuesday, June 12, 2012

crazy tuesday

first i would like to say hello to my new readers. and apologize at the same time. usually i like to give daily tips and fun picutres for motivation, however, until we fully get back into our home with all utilities up and running, i am going to have to do my blog from my phone. ok now for mondays recap. yesterday i got to the gym and ran just under three miles. two point eightish. then i had my cx class. oh man. my core is weak after my unplanned break from exercise. my abs are still sore from last friday. so then l came home and did p ninety x disc one which is back and shoulders. push ups and pull ups were the exercises on the disc. i didnt do the ab ripper portion because i had done thirty minutes of abs in cx and i was done. then last night i was debating about going for a run or going on the elliptical. i decided it was too beautiful of a night to stay inside so i went out for a jog slash walk. it was pretty humid and i didnt want to put too much strain on my joints after running earlier that day. it was a great route and a new one for me. i ended up doing another two point eight miles. not too shabby.               today is my crazy tuesday. for my new readers you may say what the heck is that? well already this morning i have done my p ninety x plyometrics. all jumping cardio for an hour. ugh. oh how i hate but love that disc. i got an awesome sweat. i only wish my heart rate monitor worked. this afternoon is cx followed by body flow and rpm. body flow is tai chi slash pilates slash yoga. and rpm is cycling. i am a bit nervous about body flow only because i know my balance is off after gaining weight. the scale was kind to me this morning. i gained back this weekend to one seventy nine point five probably because of the birthday party and not eating properly. this morning i was rewarded with my hard work from yesterday with a weight of one seventy eight. now we are going in the right direction. i hope i can keep on this path and lose a lot of this weight quickly. i took new before pictures last night and i dont like what i see on them. hopefully i can get them posted on here at some point. also i mentioned yesterday how i was missing some of my p ninety x dvds and i was asked if the tornado got them. the answer to that is i dont think so. the night of the tornado i grabbed what was important and that included those dvds. lol. i thought i grabbed them all but i must have missed some. so they are either away in a box still or they fell out along the way. not real sure. i think the yoga one may be upstairs in our walk in closet. i vaguely remember seeing it when i was unpacking. as for the other two, no idea. guess i will just have to say some prayers that they are found prior to friday when i need legs and back. thanks everyone for sticking with me thru all this craziness. it has been an interesting experience. and yes. i plan on getting pictures of the house up on my blog for you to see once i get internet. have a great tuesday everyone. i hope everyone has a great on track week.

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  1. When will you be in with everything up and running? How long has it been since the tornado? It must seem like forever to you, but I know you said that they worked extremely fast at getting stuff done. How are the boys doing with all of this?