Sunday, June 24, 2012

quick recap

as you can see from my post, our cable, phone and internet has yet to be turned on as promised by comcast. this is going to mean a lot of cursing by me to them in the retention department come tomorrow. ugh. friday we had our plans suddenly changed for the weekend and had to head out of town. well that was suddenly curtailed when my youngest started throwing up in the car when we were about thirty minutes into the drive. seriously? this just happened last week with my oldest. so we turned back around and thank goodess my youngest is much better at being sick than my oldest. landry actually slept thru the night that night. but...i was up from about one am on getting sick. yup. stomach flu hit our house. luckily by three am i was able to sleep on the floor in the bathroom and there i stayed til about six am. saturday morning we hurried up, got the kids dressed and over to grandmas so we could do what we were trying to do on friday. i felt better but not one hundred percent. got some gatorade...which makes me even thirstyier..and a bagel and cream cheese. that stayed down for the most part. i did feel a bit queezy after about five hours and had to get sick. by then it was almost time for us to head home. the kids stayed at grandmas house so i came straight home and went to bed about five pm. i didnt wake up til eight thirty this morning...on sunday. i no longer ache so i think i am on the mend. and i am now down to one hundred sixty seven point five pounds. nothing like a little stomach flu to help the numbers huh? lol. today we have to go to a retirement party so i need to go and get ready so i can pick up the kids. dont worry...i will be eating light. lol. oh and i found my missing p ninety x dvds so i will be starting that back up hopefully tomorrow. yeah. have a great rest of the weekend everyone.

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