Saturday, March 3, 2012

Skating Saturday

Today is both a good and semi good day. LOL. Sounds odd I know.

Yesterday I did P90X legs, back and abs. Calories burned: 515 calories

Then I hit the gym for ARC, Zumba and CX and burned a whopping 1357 calories. Woah.

Total burned: 1872 calories

I have been wanting some Buffalo Wild Wings for a while so I finally gave into my craving and hit there for take out after the gym. Not the worst thing that I could crave so I was ok with it. I ordered 12 of the Mango Habanaro which is my favorite flavor with lots of spice. I ordered 12 teriaki for Aaron. Also I like having celery so I made sure they put in my sides of celery too.

When I got home, I also had a couple small glasses of wine. It has been quite a while since I had some wine and boy could I tell. Two glasses hit me pretty hard! Not like room spinning hard, but definitely buzzed.

Initially I planned on eating only a couple wings, but I was so hungry that I ate all of them. Oops. Then again, I wont have them calling my name in the fridge now to throw me off track.

This morning I stepped on the scale (this is the semi good day part) and I weighed in at 159.0. A half pound gain from yesterday BUT after eating wings and having wine, I will take it. It is semi good because I gained, but it wasn't much.

I had to get ready for Xaviers Ice skating lessons this morning but I wanted to make sure that I took pictures of me in my sisters jeans (that I talked about yesterday) to show everyone.

Don't judge my picture taking- it is really hard to take pictures of yourself in a full length mirror as many of you know.

Hey look! No muffin top! When I got them from my sister, they fit but I had a HUGE muffin top going on. Now, they are actually a little big in the waist.

Also, last night at the gym, I had a few people comment about how small I was getting. That made me feel really good to know that other people are noticing! Some of the gals in my zumba class even had me flex my "guns". Guess I will be needing to get a picture of my arms up here next time I take my progress pictures!

So back to ice skating. Xavier did really well today and actually listened to his teacher. He didn't give up though he was way slower than the other kids BUT he didn't fall. Not once. Once it came to the last 15 minutes, I went out on the ice with him to play some hockey. I was really happy too because I am becoming much smoother on the ice skates. I am able to turn, stop, go backwards and skate fast. It is as if no time has gone by since I had lessons all those years ago.

Aarons aunt and grandma came to watch Xavier ice skate too and after we were done, they treated us to a nice breakfast at Coney Island. Thanks again!!

Now that these jeans fit, I am very determined to keep them fitting and really didn't want to order anything with hashbrowns and toast (which I love) and eggs cooked on the griddle with lots of butter or oil.

So I asked if they had fresh fruit (because it wasn't on the menu) and hard boiled eggs. And they did! So I had a little goblet full of fruit (which my kids ate part of), and a hard boiled egg and coffee. It has been so long since I had coffee because when I was on the healthe trim, I couldn't have caffeine. I had it black (to avoid the extra calories) and ended up having 3 mugs full. LOL. I am surprised I am not bouncing off walls!

When we got home, I threw into my crockpot ingredients for taco soup for the boys and Aaron tonight. Because it has dry ranch dressing and taco seasoning, and ground beef, I will not be having it. Not sure what I will make for myself, but the boys should like it.

Then I changed into my workout clothes and got my P90X Kempo done for the day. Calories burned: 456.

Tonight I plan on hitting the elliptical after the boys go to bed. Gotta keep burning the calories! Only 4 lbs til goal weight!!

Because my only food so far today has been a smoothie for breakfast (which Landry drank most of), some fresh fruit, a hard boiled egg and I admit- 3 or 4 french fries of Xaviers, I am snacking on my new favorite food:

Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame

I found it at Kroger in the health food section. I was able to pick from wasabi or sea salt. I went with wasabi. It is my first time eating them and they kind of remind me of a peanut. The wasabi is an awesome kick. It isn't flavored fully on every piece, but you know when you hit one. It sends wonderful tingling-ness up through your nose kind of like the spicy mustard you get at chinese restaurants. The wasabi covered ones remind me (taste wise) almost of the horsey sauce you get from Arbi's.

If you don't know what edamame is, it is a soy bean that is found in pods (kind of like peas).
I heard about them on Dr. Oz. I loves them as a snack because they are a great source of soy protein and contain all 8 essential amino acids and adds no cholesterol or trans-fat to your diet. Just one serving of them (1/4 cp) provides 14g of protein and only 9 carbs. They have 4.5 g of fat with only 0.5g being saturated.

I recommend everyone to try them! They are great and one of my new favorite snacks!!

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  1. You look fantastic in those jeans! And I love roasted edamame!

  2. Thank you!!! RPM my be doing my legs well!!

  3. You look amazing! I hope you don't mind me saying this, but you'd never know you were ever over 250 - you look really toned and fit!

    Congrats as well on getting into the 150s!! To get into it after only a week, when you're at a low weight is incredible!! xx

    1. Thanks Susie. I have a motto. Train Insane or Remain the Same. LOL. That means a lot for you to say I look toned and fit. Thats why the weightlifting is so important. Helps keep the skin firm.