Friday, March 9, 2012

Its Friday!!

Yesterday I had a good day.

I got my P90X yoga in. Burned 314 calories.

Last night I did 45 minutes on the treadmill running at 5.1 mph pace, then did 20 minutes walking at 3.5 pace. I am trying to build up my endurance and running time length for the half marathon I am doing in June.

Then I did RPM. Oh Holy Heck! My legs and abs were SO SORE that they twitched the whole way home. I love that class!!

Calories burned at the gym: 1306.

Total for the day: 1620 calories

Today when I stepped on the scale I met my big time goal...154.0 lbs even.

That means I am now officially in the "normal" BMI range.

I know BMI doesn't mean much. I mean, professional bodybuilders are considered "obese" from the BMI charts because it doesn't take into account muscle mass or anything like that. But how cool is it to go from the "obese" category to the "overweight" category and from there, now to the "normal" category??

Today is a bit different for me. Because this is Aarons last weekend before he goes to Alabama, we as a family are taking a trip to his parents cabin for the weekend. So if I am not on here, you know why. So because this morning was so crazy with running to the store for groceries for this weekend, then to home to unload, then to library for library time with the kids, now how to get Xavier lunch, then to run him to school, then to come home, pack and sometime have lunch in there, to pick Xavier up from school and get on the road to head north, (whew) I dont think I will be having time to exercise today.

So my plan is this...

Tomorrow (Saturday) I will do my regular scheduled workout...P90X kempo. I also plan on running 3-4 miles on the country roads around the cabin. It is supposed to be much warmer up there this weekend.

Sunday I will make up my missed work out from today...P90X legs, back and abs plus do another 3-4 mile run in the evening.

I hate getting thrown off my schedule, but that is life. And it will be ok.

I am making sure I pack a ton of food that I can eat for the cabin. I dont want to get derailed when I get up there by unhealthy snacks. I will probably gain some weight this weekend. It is ok. I will get it back off next week.

Also I mentioned that I went to the Library today. I finally got a card for the family and wanted to rent "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and "Forks over Knives" but alas, my library doesnt have them and they had to put them on hold from another library for me. Bummer because I really wanted to take one with me to watch up at the cabin.

Monday I will still be going to my all fruit/veggie diet for the week. Keep tuned as to how I am doing with that.

I did pick up some LaraBars for in between my crazy work outs at the gym to keep me refueled. It was funny- I was trying to find the ingredients on one of the bars but I kept overlooking them. Why? Because the only ingredients are dates and cashews. LOL LOL. It isnt very often you buy something from a store that only has TWO ingredients. I did good though and stayed away from the chocolate LaraBars. Instead I got the cherry pie one (three ingredients) and the cashew bars.

Well folks, thats the news for now. I need to run and get Xavier to school to come back and pack before Landry goes down for his nap.

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. I just want to say wow you have done really well. I am new to your blog and followed. I wanted to say "hi". I also blog about my weight loss journey.

    1. Hi Paul. Thanks for following me on my journey! I will check out your blog as well.

  2. Just enjoy your time with your husband and don't worry about anything else! I can't imagine how hard it will be for you, bt we're here to keep your spirits up and hopefully entertain you!!

    1. Much love Linda! Yes it is very entertaining on here! It will be nice to be unplugged for a weekend too. I will be recapping my weekend on Monday night. Look for me then!

  3. Hope you have a lovely weekend! If you get net access at the cabin, there's loads of sites that have fat, sick and nearly dead on them to stream. I think even youtube has it as well.

    I thought the guy in it was annoying, but the results from the juicing were amazing and totally worth watching.

  4. OMG CONGRATULATIONS! That's such an achievement! I don't know if you have internet at the cabin but has fat sick and nearly dead for free!

  5. I love that you stick on track even with busy, out of the norm schedules! and CONGRATS on your weigh in! What an awesome achievment. Inspiring to say the least!!