Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 3 of Reboot

Yesterday was a tad easier than the first day. I think because I stayed busy.

I started off with my fantastic smoothies that I mentioned in yesterdays blog.

I also went to the dealership and got my quote for my car. $10,000 buy out. We owe $11,894 on it.

So I called my dad to get his opinion if we should bite it and take the deal. He told me to look at a couple other things, plus call my aunt and then call him back last night.

So on a hunch from pricing I was seeing online, I stopped at another dealership. That ones initial price for my car was $11,000 to which I mentioned I had an aunt that works at a Ford dealership in Northern Michigan and that I didnt want to incur the costs of driving my car up there and that her price is $11,000 sight unseen. I got him to come up to $11,200 for the buy out. Getting close! Plus we would get back a bit of money from the extended warranty on the car because the dealership doesnt keep that.

Then when I am getting ready to drive home, I checked my email quick and saw that I had an email from someone that was interested in my car from the ad on Craigslist. I thought it was a scam because I have been getting a lot of them and the only message originally was "Are you the original owner" to which I simply replied "Yes I am the original owner". Two days had passed and I wrote the email off as a scam and was surprised to see another email from the person asking for my # and address to arrange an inspection.

I thought this was just a continuation of the scam BECAUSE it seemed weird with no name or anything attached to it. SO I responded with "Forgive me, but I have been receiving a lot of scams on Craigslist. I am wondering if you are local and where you live".

And he replied! He understood and told me where he lived. He is local to me and lives pretty close by. And he wanted to arrange an inspection for my vehicle. We have been going back and forth emailing and I get the impression that he is an older gentleman. I was forth rite and told him if he wanted the car the transaction would be done at Chase bank because their name is on the title and they need to sign off. He would not receive possession of the car until the check or money order cleared. At that time of possession, we would meet at secretary of state where he could have the title and apply for the license plate for it. I told him I didnt want to presume, but wanted to lay out the facts in order to protect my family from scam. He was perfectly fine with it. And now I have it in writing to prove it which is good. 

I did tell him that Aaron is going out of town on Saturday (didnt tell him for how long) and that I would like him to come over before that because it is his name on the title. We shall see what happens! Keep your fingers crossed!

If he buys the car for the full amount we are asking, we can actually make a bit of money on the car and pay for the 2 new tires the other Escape needs.

So with all my running around yesterday I didnt really have time to think about food. That was a good thing. When I got home last night from the second dealership, it was dinnertime. I had some dried fruit, kale chips and half a grapefruit.

Then we took the kids outside last night and played. I am trying to teach Xavier how to ride a bike and pedal. Who would have thought that would be so hard??? Then we cleaned out the garage a bit so I could get the Christmas decorations back into the storage attic above the garage. Then we cut down the dead flowers (mums and salvia) from the front yard to make room for the new ones already coming up. I made the kids help put the dead stuff into yard bags explaining to them that this is what chores are and that if they help good, they can earn a toy back. It worked and they got to pick out one of their toys I confiscated this morning.

So by the time we were all done with that, and the kids were in bed, and we got Aarons file cabinet moved in from the garage it was late. Too late to run on the elliptical. So I didn't and relaxed for a while last night.

I stepped on the scale this morning and I was down 2 lbs! to 156.0. Nice!

And my smoothie of the morning is one that I HAVE to share with you. It is excellent!

I have a bullet style blender so I have to accommodate the small "cup". This is the amounts I used:
1/2 comice pear
1/2 golden delicious apple
4-5 frozen strawberries
a handful of spinach
1 banana
Coconut water (I used coconut milk)

Blend til smooth. The pears and apple are so good! I took the remaining halves of the apple and pear and stuck them in the freezer so my smoothie will be colder next time.

So tonight I think we will be going to dinner at Red Robin. Last night I looked over the menu again and this is what I decided I will order:

This is Red Robins Southwest Grilled chicken salad. The description is: "This ancho ordinary salad. Ancho-grilled chicken breast, avocado slices and fresh-fried jalapeƱo coins dance on top of crisp greens tossed in salsa-ranch dressing. Diced red and green bell peppers and onions, chipotle black beans, Cheddar and Pepper-Jack cheeses and crunchy tortilla strips complete this extraordinary salad.'

This is how I will order it. Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad...hold the chicken, cheeses, tortilla strips and dressing. I would like regular jalepeno slices instead of the fried ones and some green onions and tomatoes on top. And an order of salsa and guacamole on the side.

I think this keeps in touch with my fast for the week. Dont you?

Tonight is RPM at 8pm. I am hoping that I make it if we are going to dinner at 5:30. It shouldnt be a problem but it all depends on Aarons grandma and if we will be going back to her house afterwards or not. Class fills up really quick so I would have to be there by about 7:00 to make sure I get a spot. This would be my last RPM for a while so I really want to go.

***EDITED**** I just made a good smoothie for lunch and wanted to pass it on. Very simple but sweet and delicious. I cut up the remaining halves of my apple and pear that I had stuck in the freezer and cut them up and threw them into my blender with some spinach and water. Oh so excellent and I will definitely be making this one again!!

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  1. I guess they don't have a plain "house salad," huh? It would be a shame for you to order that and them charge you for all of the things you're NOT getting. What if you ordered it without the fattening stuff (fried peppers, chips, dressing and cheese) and bring the chicken home for a nice salad next week?

    I'll say a prayer for the car transaction and I hope you have a great time at dinner tonight!

  2. Thanks for the prayers.

    I was looking for a salad with some veggies on it which is why I picked the southwest one. The beans add a bit of protein and I wouldnt be paying extra for all the other veggies. I could put the chicken on the side and take it home, but I dont know that it would last in the fridge until I am done with the fast next Tues. And the kids wont eat it with the seasoning on it. The kids may eat the chips if I put them on the side.

  3. That banana tip of the day is kindof amazing. Thanks!

    1. No problem! When I find good tips, I like to pass them along!

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed about the car! xoxo

  5. I hope the sale goes through! You are totally right to be cautious because of all the creeps out there.

    I'm so glad to be back in the groove and look forward to kicking my ass again haha! I do the same thing with restaurants where I will look up the menu before hand and know exactly what I want to order! Enjoy dinner.

  6. Thanks so much!
    So glad you had a great time and are now back in the groove. LOL.

  7. What a great choice at RR!! I want some, save half for me HAHA! Good luck with the car business, there is nothing I hate worse than exactly business, bleck!

  8. I hope the sale goes through! I have found Red Robin to be a good place for me to eat b/c I can get a burger with no bun. Of course I could probably order that anywhere but they have it on the menu. I always just bring the other half home.

  9. Hi all. It is me Lee Ann(fitmom). You are probably wondering where I am. I don't know if you heard about the tornado that hit a town in Dexter, MI but that is where I live. The house where I live got hit bad and right now we cannot live there. Needless to say, I am not continuing on the veggie fast right now. Lol. We lost two cars and most of the house will be fixed but thankfully we were at Red Robin that night so we are all ok. We are missing our cat that was outside at the time of the tornado but he was spotted a couple days ago around the neighborhood so he is ok too. Please keep us in your prayers as we go thru this tough time. If you caught media of the tornado, my house as well as the neighbors across the street were the focus of the media.

  10. OMG!! I just checked the site aftr worrying that I hadn't heard from you in a while :( I'm so sorry this is happening to you and will be sure to let all of my readers know of what's going on to. Stay strong!

  11. Hey! Haven't seen you post for a while, so just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and hope you're doing well! xx

  12. Hi everyone. Back online at least temporarily. Posted about my tornado experience. Thanks for all the thoughts and well wishes.

  13. Hi Lee Ann... it's your neighbor Lindsay. I found your site through your FB page. WOW is all I can say. I put it in my Google Reader, looks like you're blogging about awesome stuff. I like your tips and ideas!

    And, I must say, I'm jealous of you being "Up North" right now. I saw from FB that you're up in Mio. Hope you're getting some relaxing in!