Monday, March 12, 2012

Interesting weekend...

First off...I am home!!!

If anyone watches the Walking Dead like I do, this little picture is for you! I watched it up at the cabin last night, and I cannot wait to see how the Season Finale goes!!

Ok...lets recap my weekend.

I gained weight...I am not stressing about it. It was the last weekend that my husband is home before I have to play single mom for 2 months so I indulged. While most of the food I had was healthy for you, I did over indulge in the evenings after the kids went to bed with my homemade trail mix: some chips (clean ones though!!), edemame, peanuts, a few chocolate chips, pretzels and almonds. Lots of the weight gain has to do with salt, and my jeans my sister gave me are still loose in the waist so like I said...not sweating it.

I did weigh myself on my mother in laws scale, but I think her batteries in it are dying so I dont know how accurate it is.

I was not able to get in P90X that day. Bad me! Between running to the grocery store, library, school and back plus packing, it wasnt in the cards. We got on the road about 4:30ish and headed north. Traffic wasnt bad at all. We had to stop on the way to fill up with gas, so we also got dinner at Subway. I had a turkey sub (I know it was friday, but I didnt want the fat from the tuna and I cant do a dry veggie sub) with spinach and all the different veggies on it. To drink I had lemonade. Bad Bad! but better than soda (I think).

We got to the cabin about 8 and I noticed that we must have lost power recently because none of the clocks were set. So we got all the groceries and gear into the house and unpacked and then I reset all the clocks.

The power outage we found out later was from a huge snowstorm that hit last week. The power was out for 4-5 days. Which also explains why when my husband got some ice cream out of the freezer, it was the consistency of marshmellow fluff. Ew gross!!

There was still a bit of snow around on the grass but the roads were pretty clear so I was optimistic that I would be able to run the next day.

The weather was much warmer. Mid 40's. Definitely a good running day.
So I donned my yoga pants, my yoga top, sweatshirt, wintercoat, hat, sunglasses and shoes and started off while the boys took a nap.

The cabin is in Northern Michigan. It is set on a little lake. Years ago, there was a horrible forest fire and the fire department used the water from the lake to help put out the fire. This reduced the depth of the lake to an average depth of about 5' deep- not kidding! We could walk across the lake without our head going under water up until a couple years ago.

This is a picture of the frozen lake. Our cabin is the very last on the road and is immediately to the left of the dead end sign. I am standing on a pile of snow that the plows left at the end of the road which in the summer time is the public access to the lake.

As I started running, I realized it was a little chillier than I thought due to the 30-40mph wind gusts. Holy Cow!! I decided to still run my normal route which are the main roads that lead to the cabin, then up to the dirt road that accesses the other side of the lake, then back.

This is Eggleston. I ran this road already and was making a turn onto CO604. It is pretty flat in this area, but with the wind gusts, I was pretty slow.

This is the County Road that I am standing on the corner of getting ready to run.

After the County Road, this is the dirt road that is on the other side of the lake. I dont know the name of it. At this point I am happy because I know my run is almost done. The wind was killing me and slowing me down so much. I had sweat and snot dripping and I wasnt sure what was what.

A shot of me running on the dirt road. The wind was so strong that it was blowing up the hood of my coat.

After the dirt road was run, there is a little two track road that connects one side of the lake to the other. This road was completely frozen over. I had to walk on the sides in the field so I didnt slip and fall. Talk about screwing up my running time!!!

Even the animals had problems walking on the ice! These are deer tracks and the poor thing must have lost its footing and slid.

Last leg of the run. You cant see the cabins, but I am actually running thru the subdivision now with other cabins around.

All I thought this whole time was about Rocky Balboa and when he trained in Russia with the mountains and carrying the log tree up it. This is exactly what I felt like!

The whole run was 3.64 miles and I ran it at a speed of 4.9 mph. Not bad for having to walk that frozen road at basically a crawl too! I did the whole thing in 44:38. Calories burned: 503

That afternoon, I was sitting there reading a book and I kept hearing a beeping noise. Here we were having power issues BUT it wasnt for the whole cabin. The only areas affected were the range, the bathroom lights, the furnace and the computer area. Weird!! It went on and off all day and was very annoying!!

Finally at dinner the power was back on and I was going to cook a whole chicken. WELL I went to set the clock on the oven and got an error code. We called Fridgedaire and here the code is for a blown circuit panel. Wonderful! Thank goodness that the cooktop is gas so we still had that, but the error code prevented the oven from working. SO no baked chicken for us! AND wouldnt you know, most of the food I brought with us was for the oven.

So we did hot dogs on the stove top for the kids and Aaron, some chicken sausage on the stove top for me, and I did spaghetti squash and sauteed veggies on the stovetop too. Yummy!

That night I did Kenpo after the kids went to bed. My calories burned is not accurate because I forgot to shut off my HRM, but anyways, according to it I burned 635 calories (in 2hrs 33 min lol).

Aaron told his parents that night about the power issue and the oven. Oh and the internet wasnt working either...go figure. I think the storm knocked that out. So we were going to make the calls and get it all scheduled to be fixed on Sunday.

That night, Aaron and I played Phase 10. A very addicting and fun game. Like a cross between Uno and Rummy. I indulged in some mix drinks...Vodka, grenadine, blue curaco and pineapple juice. Yummy! Plus my made up trail mix that I mentioned above.

I did not sleep well at all that night. I think from the alcohol. I felt so bloated and yucky- not hungover- just not right.

This was a little more of the same.
I went for another run but this time I altered it.

I went from the sub, up Eggleston, and up Country Road. Instead of running on the dirt road and back across the frozen road, I turned back around on the Country Road and back to Eggleston and home.

It was still breezy but this time, I could go in my yoga pants and sweatshirt and I was plenty warm.

This route was 4.40 miles, and I was able to run it at an average speed of 5.7mph. I got it completed in 46:15 and burned 580 calories.

That day we still were having problems with the power so rather than call to have a service repairman out to have the power kill the range again, I figured it best to wait until the power company gets everything straightened around.

That night because we had no oven, and I had to cook the chicken (because it was thawed and I could refreeze it). I separated the chicken apart and cooked it on the grill. Thank goodness for the grill!!

I ended up having some sweet potato that I stabbed and wrapped in foil and placed on the grill to cook. It took a long time because of the size of the potato, but it was really yummy.

Last night was Phase 10 with Aaron and I again. It was lots of fun. Plus we watched Walking Dead (so good!) and just relaxed. No alcohol for me this time. Just water and hot tea. I slept so much better last night too!

I had brought up P90X legs, back and abs, but stupid me realized we cant do part of the dvd because it required pull ups and we had no bar or bands. Ah biggie. I will make up for it this week.

This morning we got up, got the kids fed and got packed to go.

Because we were limited on food up there, I decided that I would start my fruit and veggie fast tomorrow.

I did however make up a new smoothie and while it sounds gross, it was very good.

Sweet potato (left over from last nights grilling)
frozen blueberries
frozen raspberries

The sweet potato added a really nice texture and sweetness to the smoothie. It was VERY filling and I had to dump about half of it out because we were packed up and ready to go home.

Tonight I plan on running on the elliptical after the kids go to bed to try to get rid of some of the salt bloat I have going on. This week is a recovery week for P90X and I need to look up the schedule and see what this weeks is.

All is well back on the home front. The cat missed us and hasnt stopped meowing since we got home.

This is my last week before I play single mom and my exercise routine gets drastically changed. So I will be taking advantage this week.

Also some more good news...I made Aaron pull out his bills so I could pay them and they arent as horrible as I thought. Still bad, but something we can work on. Whew! I was expecting double what they are because he was using the personal cards for work.

Plus I think we are just about current on all our bills now. Another sigh of relief. Now to just pay them down.

I did have some people contact me about my car and one person came and looked at it.
No luck in selling it yet so keep your fingers crossed. We only owe about $1400 on Aarons car and if we sold mine, and paid his off, it would leave us with three cars but only two car payments.

Anyways I am off to take more car pictures and alter my Craigslist ads. Hopefully now that I have more pictures, we will get more action from the ads.

Have a great day!!

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  1. Glad you had a good time, even with all of the inconveniences. I didn't know you're husband will be gone TWO MONTHS! I thought it was only 1! that sucks. Do you have a lot of family/friends near by to help get you through it?

    1. He found out today that the pre-outage starts next week. The outage will begin beginning of April SO he will be gone for a month and a half to two months depending on how long the outage actually takes.

      Lots of family. Aarons mom is going to help out when they get back from their trip out west the beginning of April.

      Aarons aunt and grandma also want to help out a lot. Thank goodness for the close by relatives!!

  2. Your Rocky reference totally cracked me up!!!

    1. All I wanted to yell the whole way was "Yo Adrienne!!"

  3. I loved this update! Your cabin is in the boonies haha! I'm not used to such wide open spaces living here in Milwaukee. I really miss it though! I'm glad you had fun and could relax. Your foods sounds really yummy, and I can't wait to try out your smoothie recipe!

    1. Thanks! It is in the boonies but not horrible. Sometimes you just want to get away from everyone and that is great! My mother in law doesnt like it because when it is off season, you could go for a week and not see another person. LOL.

  4. I love all the pics!! Thanks for adding them in.