Friday, March 2, 2012

Crazy Day!

What a crazy day so far! This is now my first chance to sit down and it is going onto 1pm.

Anyways let me recap yesterday first then I will fill you in on what is going on today!!

Yesterday I did P90X Yoga: 371 calories burned

Then I hit the gym early last night. I did 45 minutes on the ARC on the fat burning setting and then did 35 minutes on the treadmill walking on the fat burning session. Calories burned: 752 whew!!

Then came one of my favorite classes- RPM!!! I wanted to clock this class on my HRM seperately so I could see how many calories I burned. It was surprisingly small! 462 calories burned, but the class is under an hour long (about 55 minutes).

So my total yesterday: 1585. wee haw!

For whatever reason, my body responds better to RPM exercise than to Kickboxing. I dont know if it is because RPM is all lower body and that is the area that I need to work on the most so it responds better or what.

Anyways this morning I woke up and weighed myself....

And staring back at me was (drumroll please!!!)

158.5!!!!!  I lost 1.5 lbs yesterday!! Officially in the 150's! How excited was I this morning!!

So I got the kids up out of bed, got them breakfast and headed downstairs to get my burn on with P90X legs, back and abs. Calories burned: 515

Tonight I head back to the gym for ARC, Zumba and CXWorx. Very excited!

And why was I so busy this morning?
Well...after working out I had to hurry and make my morning smoothie, get dressed and get over to school with my kids for my youngest sons playgroup. It is with his speech therapist and we get together with other kids that need therapy so they learn how to communicate with each other.

Then I had to run home and get Xavier lunch. Today he starts preschool and I still had to fill out an emergency contact form. I got it emailed to me today and wouldnt you know I couldnt just edit and fill it in on the computer, but I had to print it. And wouldnt you know that my printer is out of ink.

So I had to jump back INTO the car and run up to school, hurry up and fill out the 5 pages of forms, run back home (thankfully Aaron stayed home with the boys so I wasnt dragging them too) and I wanted to get pictures of Xavier with his backpack for his first day.

Got those done, got Xavier loaded back up into the car and ran back to school with him

I just got home, got my youngest down for a nap and got myself some lunch. Whew! What a day!

Thankfully our Friday playgroups for Landry are only once a month. Normally we go to playgroup for him on Tuesdays and Xavier has school on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays. 

I just figure all this running is helping me burn some extra calories today.

And for all of you wondering how my household is doing...we are doing well. Aaron has some job leads and he should be heading to Alabama for a nuclear plant shutdown in a couple weeks. That will be a good 30 day outage in which he will be making some money to help catch us back up. In the meantime, we are still struggling but we are getting by.

Please keep your thoughts and prayers coming. I would really rather not have to move out of state, but if we have to, we will.

Also, a fellow blogger had this on her site yesterday and I thought I would steal it and repost it for everyone. It goes along with my March Goals above:

And the best thing about today (besides the number on the scale) is that my sister gave me a super cute pair of jeans that she didnt want anymore. They are a low waist with cute little gems all over the pockets. When she game them to me, the went up and on but because of the low rise gave me a horrible muffin top and they were tight. Today I decided to try them on again and they fit! The waist is even a little big! I never ever ever would have thought in a million years that I would ever be able to wear my sisters clothes. Wow! What a great day!

Tip of the Day!


  1. I steal clothes from my sister all the time that she doesn't want! It feels great that I can wear her clothes because she's such a skinny minnie.

    You are on a ROLL with the exercise! Good for you :)

    Good luck to your husband. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. I know! It is hard to believe I can borrow clothes from her or get the ones she doesnt want anymore.

      Thanks for all the support! You are kicking butt too!

  2. Glad to hear things are starting to work out. Stress is a killer, and working out helps squash it!

    1. Thanks for the support. People think I am crazy working out as much as I do, but it really does help with my stress level. It is a way to block out everything else going on and just be in the now.

  3. You really are making March your bitch!! So awesome! What a great way to start your month! I used to love "stealing" things from my sisters closet! She's totally type A, and very neat! In high school I would wait to do my laudry for ever..and when my jeans would stand on their own, I'd "borrow" hers. I'm such a devilish little sister.