Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 2 of Reboot

All things considered, yesterday was a pretty good day for day 1 of a fast.

Yesterday afternoon I hit the gym. I did 30 minutes on the ARC, then CX, Flow, and finally RPM. In the interest of being fair with this whole Reboot, I will be honest. I was a bit tired at the beginning of my time at the gym and did not give it my all until RPM. I really wanted to make sure that I had energy left for the class. The energy loss could be because of the fast, or because my Aunt is visiting way of really knowing why.

Funny too- Eric (my RPM instructor) knows that I am doing the fast and that yesterday was day one. He asked me how many classes I have done that day to which I replied that this was my third class. He kind of tisked but I told him that I didnt do P90X yesterday. LOL. I just really think it is excellent that he is watching out for me and making sure that I am not doing too much. It is exactly what I want in a personal trainer and I cannot wait to hire him!

Calories burned at the gym: 953

I didnt have a smoothie for dinner last night once I got home, but had quite a few carrots and dried fruit. I also had a small glass of coconut milk.

This morning I am down a half pound to 158.0. Nothing spectacular but I wasnt expecting a 5lb loss a day. LOL

This morning I had a fantastic smoothie that I mentioned in my tip of the day from yesterday.

It was:
1 orange- I sliced off the peel, then cut out the segments so there are no membranes attached
a handful of frozen pineapple
about 2 tsp of ginger grated
And I added spinach to mine.

It was excellent! A great wake me up for the day.

For lunch, I am having this:

It is a smoothie which has:

rainbow swiss chard leaves
Berries of choice (I used strawberries)
coconut milk
frozen pomegranate seeds (my store didnt have pomegranate so I used a few blackberries)

It is good but the fruit is not super sweet yet so it isnt quite as good as if it would have had a banana in it for the extra sweet.

The veggies are baby carrots, broccoli and purple cauliflower. I also had some swiss chard stems and they are surprisingly pretty sweet! Very good!

I also am cheating (just a tad) and made some kale chips with garlic powder on them. They do have some olive oil and I guess olives are a veggie so it is up to you if you consider it cheating. It feels to me like I am a bit though it is way better than sneaking other food like jerky.

This fast is a little tougher than what I expected it to be. I would LOVE to have a hard boiled egg or an english muffin. Last night after the gym I walked in to the smell of pizza that Aaron made for dinner last night.
Yesterday Aaron asked if I could make him some beef jerky. I had a recipe from Clean Eat magazine for jerky that I had been dying to try so I pulled that out. Now my house smells of glorious wonderful scruptious beef jerky. How tempting is that??? AND to top it off, I had Aaron try it, and he said it was REALLY good and did I want a bite? How rude! Ugh!

My biggest worry about cheating will be towards the end of this week. Aarons grandma wants to go out to eat before he leaves for Alabama. Not a big deal, but I know it will be a place like Red Robin. And I really cant not eat when we all go out. So I need to come up with a game plan even if it means bending the rule a bit for one meal because Aaron wont let me NOT eat when we go out. So I will be studying the menus.

Dont worry folks..I will keep you apprised of my game plan.

Tonight I plan on running on the elliptical or outside. Not sure which yet.

On a personal note, please say some quick prayers.
After I dropped Xavier off at school I swung thru a local dealership to see if they would be interested in buying my Escape. Turns out they are because they are low on 4 cylinder Escapes and mine has really low mileage. Unfortunately, the boss man wasnt in because he was in a meeting in a different city. SO the salesman asked that I come back about three o'clock today.

So please say some prayers that they offer close to what we owe on it so we can be down one vehicle!

Tip of the Day:

For fresh herb storage in the fridge, wrap your herbs in damp papertowels and place in a ziploc bag. My herbs stay fresh for about a week doing it that way rather than having the money go down the drain when you only need a bit at a time.

AND an extra tip...

Just looked up Red Robin and they have a Gardenburger option that I can have wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. Guess what I will be having? It is a bit processed and has soy so it isnt entirely veggie, but I will have it topped with guacamole, onions and a ton of veggies. There will probably be a bit of oil involved, but it allows me to eat and still stay pretty true to my fast...dont you think??? Chime in on your opinions on this one...I need some help here!


  1. Other than that, what are your options? Salad with no dressing?

    1. yup. basically a salad with no dressing. maybe with some guacamole on it? hmm...something to think about.

    2. I would have the salad with avocado, only because of sodium content, when I got of the reboot I had the TINIEST amount of sodium and I swole up so bad, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling hung over and so sick!! I mean you can totally do what you want to, but that's what I would do! You are doing awesome, the first three days were the hardest for me! Plus your workouts are killer, I would have passed out by now! I don't mean sleeping either LOL! I feel like we can empathize with each other lol!

    3. I have an idea of what I will order. Check out what I plan in my blog today.

  2. You are so hardcore with your workouts!! I'm still really interested in all these shakes you're making..maybe next week I will build up enough courage to make myself one :)

    1. They are delicious and a great way to start the day. A friend of mine asked about them because she would have a hard boiled egg for breakfast along with something else (I cant remember what) and she would be starving before lunch. Now that she makes shakes, she is full until lunch and it is a great way to get a few servings of fruits and veggies.