Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Most Excellent Day!

Today is a most excellent day. It is already 50 degrees outside with a high predicted of 64! Today will be the day to play outside with the kids.

Let me recap last night.

Well we all know (if you read yesterdays blog) that I did Plyometrics in the morning. Calories burned: 531

Then last night I went to the gym and did about 30 minutes on the ARC...I had to stop early to pee and refill my water bottle before class. LOL. Then I had CX, and Body Flow. Calories burned: 693.

I seperated out RPM again and I notice one thing...Tuesdays my calorie burn in RPM is pretty low compared to the other days I do it. I think this is because it is really going onto hour 4 of working out for the day and I am just spent. The calorie burn I am about to type in is a little high because I forgot to turn off my HRM and talked with Eric (the instructor) for a few minutes after class. Calories burned: 497

So my total for yesterday was: 1721 Holy Cow!

When I got home I was famished. I didnt want to eat anything too heavy before bed so I had some of my celery root chips, the rest of the dehydrated fruit, and a couple small pieces of chicken.

One quick thing about my dehydrated fruit and celery root chips before I continue the story. Yesterday Aarons Aunt and Grandma came over to pick up our carpet cleaner. I keep the chips and the fruit out on the counter for snacking and Aarons Aunt and Grandma had some of each. They loved them! Aarons grandma even took a baggie of chips home with her. So it isn't just me that thinks they are good. I will definitely be making them again and adding my own spin on them..

This morning I was rewarded for all my hard work. The scale said 156!!! That is ONE POUND away from goal...well really two pounds. I have been playing with the BMI calculator, and if I can get to 154 it will put me into the "normal" range. I have NEVER been in the normal range. So I am adjusting my goal weight by one pound.

So last night after RPM I had something very cool happen to me.

I had a girl named Amanda tell me as she was putting her bike away that she found my blog and has been reading it. She came to RPM last night because she had been reading my reviews on the class and wasnt doing anything but sitting around.

How surreal is that? How very cool! I have met her before, but it didnt really compute because she is my cousins friend and usually when I see her, I see her friend. Yup I am just kind of dumb that way when it comes to recognizing faces. LOL

This is how she found my blog....

I created a group on Facebook with the same title of this blog. A New Beginning- My Journey to Avoid the Knife. It is an open group so if anyone wants to join, they (and you) can. It is a way to keep my weight loss separate from my personal FB page. That way only people who WANT to hear about my weight loss do.

One of my friends and instructors of some classes I take (Becca) joined my group. She happens to be friends with Amanda too. When I added Becca to my group, Amanda noticed, and checked it out. That is how she found me and my blog. I post my blog updates on my FB page. It is funny. She never knew I was that heavy. Very liberating for me to have people whom I met before find out about my past. It is a way to free the skeletons that are in my closet.

So for my exercise today:
P90X is on my schedule. Today is chest, shoulders, triceps and Ab Ripper. Ugh. One handed push ups again!!!
I am hoping to do this workout about 11am today. BECAUSE with the weather being so nice, I want to take advantage and go for a run outside today after the boys go to bed.

So that is my schedule. Very light in comparison to Tuesday, but the body needs a break. P90X and running.

Tip of the Day: Comes from Clean Eating Online

If you've never had beets you are missing out! They are delicious and an so incredibly nutritious! Not only do they contain folate, Vitamin C and potassium but also Vitamin A, calcium and iron. Plus they are rich in fiber.

Roasted Beet recipe

6-8 medium beets
Olive oil
4 cloves garlic, minced

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Wash and thoroughly scrub beets. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Place beets on cookie sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle garlic over beets. Cover tightly with tin foil and place in oven.
Bake for 1 hour. Remove from heat. Let cool until beets are easy to handle. Slip skins off, slice, and serve. Makes 6 servings.
Nutritional information: Clalories: 78, Protein: 1 g., Carbs: 8 g., Sugars: 5 g., Fat: 4


  1. I'm SO SO SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!! You are an amazing woman and I am blessed to have you as my friend!!!

    1. Thanks Colleen! Thanks for all the support!!

  2. Awesome job! I will be heading over to your FB group today. It's supposed to be gorgeous here the next few days as well, so I want to hit the track tomorrow for my tempo run. Gotta charge my Garmin!

    1. If you cant find my group, if you send me a friend request (Lee Ann Amo Mitchell) and I can then add you. But for whatever reason, I have to be your "friend" in order to add you to my group.

    2. I friend requested you on facebook. Keep an eye out for me.

  3. Holy cow you burnt a lot of calories! WAY TO GO.

    I LOVE PLYOMETRICS and wish I didn't take such a long hiatus from it. It really kicked my butt but I'm loving the burn.

    Beets are my FAVORITE!

    1. Oh man..All I can say is that thankfully I have a recovery week next week and I dont have to do Plyo. LOL. But I do like it and am always happy when I do it!

    2. I'm making roasted beets tomorrow! You read my mind! Isn't it kinda neat to find out people in real life read your blog? LOL! Sometimes I'm like, oh shit, hope I didn't say something too yuck! Please ship me a bag of celery root chips ASAP lol! :) I'm so excited to be apart of your journey, I bet you are going to hit goal REALLY soon! I'll be here, cheering you on!

    3. Thanks so much!

      I know beets sound really good since reading that recipe. I need to find out when the local farmers market will be starting up again!!

      I am happy that you are a part of my journey too. It is good to find friends online that are a great support and you feel like you can tell anything to.