Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Woah...Two Posts Two Days in a ROW!!

Morning y'all!

In case you missed it, yesterday I mentioned my boys having surgery. Maybe I didnt mention it on here prior. I thought I had but things have been so crazy lately, that lots of times I dont know if I am coming or I am going.

Both boys need tonsils and adenoids removed. Xavier has significant hearing loss and will also need to have tubes put in. This will be 9 days after we move. Wonderful huh?

And we have what seems to be sucky insurance so we will be needing to pay the deductible off prior to anything being covered so we will be in debt to U of M hospital for a while. Oh well. They dont care as long as you pay at least a bit. Luckily we have a low(er) deductible of $5000.  After the surgery, I will probably be shopping around for new insurance. They raised our monthly rates as well (the bastards!). The only thing stopping me now is that now the boys have a preexisting condition and I am sure that we would need to pay more because of that.

I really wish that we had government supplied insurance. Seriously. I know it is a touchy subject but ya know what? For people like us who have to buy our own insurance, it would be a wonderful thing. Right now we pay $500 a month for our family for medical and dental both of which seem to cover nothing. And shopping for plans? I dont get it. At all. Way too confusing!

But I digress.

Yesterday was a rest day for me. Tonight I hit the gym tonight for legs with Eric.

Eating was going fine yesterday until the evening. This is becoming a reoccurring thing that I am going to have to figure out. Luckily tonight is a late gym night so I wont have time to snack when I get home.

I did an experiment and made homemade pizzas last night for dinner. BUT my pizza had vegan cheese, vegan sausage, and vegan bacon on it as well as onions and mushrooms. It was delicious. The "bacon" was done on the skillet and slightly burned which left something to be desired. But the "sausage" was excellent. Really tasted like sausage. And the "cheese". It actually melted and stretched like real cheese. The name brand of this cheese is Teese. Ambreen and I had it at the VegFest. They have different types of Teese. Pizza, nacho, mac and cheese...At the show we got to try the nacho. Tastes just like it. Ambreen bought the mac and cheese and she said she was really impressed. And I was impressed with the pizza cheese. I may have a new non guilty pleasure. :)

I did use regular pizza dough from Pillsbury so my pizza wasnt completely vegan. But I would make it again.

Breakfast today is a mango, pineapple, banana and spinach smoothie with milk. I made it for the boys and I know Xavier wont be drinking the whole thing. Along with that, I will be having a couple hard boiled eggs and turkey sausage.

Lunch will be roast beef, celery, apple with peanut butter and maybe another smoothie.

I am trying to use up the frozen fruit in the freezer before we move.

Dinner after working out will be an egg white omelet with mushrooms, onions, teese, and vegan sausage. I know Eggs arent vegan but I had left over vegan sausage and cheese from last night.

Then I will have my casin shake made with frozen bananas as well as the chocolate casein.

So that is the news for now. Not much too exciting.

I do find it funny that the closer we get to moving, the grumpier Aaron is getting. Probably from the fact that their are boxes everywhere and he cant watch where he is going and he keeps stubbing his toes. LOL. Dude. If he would help me pack a box, maybe I wouldnt have shit everywhere.

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  1. I'm keeping your boys in my prayers for their boo-boos. Poor things. I also know what it's like to have sucky insurance. It's torture! I hope you can find a way around it and find a better one. It's so unfair. :(

    I'm happy to find another person who comes to realize that if you don't cook the faux meat the right way, it ain't that tasty. It can be tricky! I don't think people talk about it enough either and I think that's why there's a stigma to faux meats. You've gotta hit it right in order for it to be palatable. Sorry about the bacon. :( Also, have you tried Field Roast Grain Meat Co.'s sausages? Holy hell! They're amazing! We don't eat it often, but it's the closest to real meat that we've found and I've never cooked it far. It's easy to cook. That's a plus!

  2. You might have mentioned the surgeries. I hope it all goes well.