Thursday, May 16, 2013

On A Roll

Morning again y'all!

Yesterday was leg day. Woot!

Circuit 1: Squats using a bar, then lunges then planks.

Circuit 2: deadlifts, standing leg press, mason twists with weight

Circuit 3: Crunches. 34, 33, 33 to equal 100. OUCH!!

It was awesome. I took it easy on the running before hand because 1. I havent run in a while and 2. I am still getting over a respiratory thing and am coughing a lot.

I told Eric what I did and he said that is all the cardio I needed. Whew.

I did better with my eating yesterday however I did have some vegetarian lasagna for lunch that was left over from the weekend (it wasnt clean but it was sort of healthy) and a piece of apple pie with my casein shake after the gym last night. Oops.

But today I am going to throw out the cake that has been sitting on my counter. I dont want the temptation.

Then tonight I am gonna do upper body with Eric followed by RPM. Am I gonna die? Probably. Death by coughing. Sounds pleasant huh? Actually I told Eric that I might have to dial it back so I dont die. Either way it will be good cardio.

Packing is progressing. I have to vent just a bit here though and say that I have packed all the boxes in the house. No exaggeration. And yesterday I asked my husband to bring the boxes to the garage. Do you think he did? So we tripped on them all night yesterday. Bah.

This weekend I need to get all the stuff down from the garage attic so I can see if I have stuff to donate. Then we can really fill the garage as well with all of our stuff for the truck. Right now I am tip toeing around the garage so we can make sure we have room for the pull down ladder. I just cant wait to get the boxes out of the house and into the garage.

But it is progress. All the way around. I feel good about my choices with food (except the pie slip) and I know I will get back to where I was.

A good day.

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  1. I vowed never to be a nag since I hate being nagged but I've realized MEN need us to nag or repeat ourselves or they don't remember. If they only did it the first time we asked, right?

    Great job with all your workouts! Good luck with the move.

  2. I'm exhausted reading about what you accomplish in a day! You go girl!