Thursday, May 23, 2013

Detox Day 3...whoops

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Morning everyone!

So yesterday was day 3 of my "detox".

Yeah. Not so much.

I was doing great. Smoothie for breakfast.

Lunch was with my sorority sister. I already knew I would have some feta bread.

I did order a salad and I removed most of the chicken and crumbled blue cheese.

I did use some blue cheese dressing but very sparingly and ate some of the chicken for protein because of my workout that evening.

I drank water with lunch. Score one for me.

I think I had 3 small pieces of feta bread. So not horrible.

Then that evening before heading to the gym, I had one more small piece of bread to get me thru.

After the gym is when it sort of fell apart.

Not sort of.


I got home and had cucumbers with guacamole and a small bag of lays chips. Think the snack size kind.

And I may or may not of had two glasses of rootbeer with whipped cream vodka. Thats right. I said it. It fricken tastes just like a root beer float. I HIGHLY recommend it.

And then I may have had a bowl of rocky road ice cream. Damn it.

But I definitely worked at the gym to make up the calorie intake. And sometimes it is good to confuse the body.

Here was my gym session.
I walked a half mile slowly. Think 3.0-4.0.

Then the stepper became free. And last  time Eric showed me how to walk two steps without hanging on. And by  walking two steps I mean skipping every other step.

So I set it to manual and did 15 minutes on that beast. Alternating between single steps and skipping every other. I was quite drenched.

Then Eric and I worked my legs again.

Started with standing squats using the machine. We started at 90 lbs... then proceeded up from there. I think we did 5 sets to "warm my legs" and my last set was 10 reps at 300 lbs. Yeah. I couldnt stand up with so much weight on my shoulders so Eric had to help me stand to get into position. But after that initial help, it was all me.

Afterwards he grabbed some kettlebells and we headed out side. He made me do walking lunges holding the bells. When I was far enough down, he would have me stop and run suicides.

If you dont know what a suicide is, let me try to explain.

We were under a covered walkway with columns spaced out.

I would sprint to the nearest column then back to my to the second column then back to the start then sprint to the third column then back to the start. Yeah baby.

Then we lunged again.

Then more suicides.



Then he took pity on me and we did lunges back to the door and I was done with that.

I was DRIPPING in sweat.

Then we went inside.

He had me do crunches using the machine where you are sitting up and crunch forward and down.

Then it was plank time.

On the forearms. For 1 minute at a time. Talk about sweat!

We did that circuit a total of 3 times as well. Eric had to wipe down the equipment because I was sweating so much. The floor was wet from my forearms and sweat that dripped off of my forehead. LOL.

That was my workout. Serious buttkick.

And even with me eating bad, when I stepped on the scale today it read 165.0.

I was REALLY happy with that.

Today I am back on the wagon.

I will be having some eggs today because tonight is upper body and then RPM.

So here is my detox plan for day 4.

Smoothie for breakfast
Lunch- egg white omelet with lots of veggies, vegan cheese and sausage
Dinner- protein shake from the gym between training and RPM
After workout- a couple hard boiled eggs, my protein casein shake with peanut butter

That is my goal for today. To be back on track.

How are things going for you? Anyone detoxing?

And I want to let you know that I have been saying prayers for the people in OK. It is devastating what happened and it has been VERY hard for me to watch the footage. It was a much bigger tornado then what we had here and lives were lost. But seeing the images still brings me back to ours. And I am trying to deal with it. Dexter has banded together and we are getting supplies out to send to OK. From one town that was hit to another. Also the news vans showed up going door to door here after it happened. Wanting to get our reactions and dredge everything up. Will it ever end?

I will actually be glad that we are moving so I dont have to worry about that anymore.

BUT I am thinking about writing a book about our experiences. Things we learned or we wished we knew. Our stories from different perspectives. What we were doing before it hit. The days after...thru reconstruction and even at the one year anniversary.

I just feel like we are such a tight knit community now post tornado that I would love to share the things we learned. Would it be a best seller? Probably not. Would it sell any books at all? Who knows. Not sure if someone would be interested in even reading it. But it might be therapeutic for some of us.

Just another thing to think about and add to my plate at a later time.

Ok peeps. I am off to get the kids up to start the day. You all have a great one!

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