Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Missing Blogger has been found! (me!)

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Hey everyone!

I thought I would give you an update as to what has been going on with me.

It has been INSANELY busy which is why I have not been here AT ALL.

Grandmas funeral is all done. It was beautiful and she looked beautiful.

Packing has been going at warp speed and if it isnt nailed down (and even if it is..) and we dont need it for the next couple weeks, it is getting packed. I am VERY close to switching us over to paper plates and glasses and silverware to pack that as well.

Here is what is NOT going so well. My eating.

Last week I got sick. To the point where I went to Urgent care on Friday and found out that I had a double ear infection. Just what I need huh? Probably due to everything happening all at once. Not to mention that the rest of the family has this illness as well but without the ear infection. Which meant no working out...and comfort eating (and drinking).

With everything going on, I havent been able to eat well and havent been making the best decisions about eating and drinking.

BUT life happens. Stress eating for me happens.

And now that life has calmed down (a bit), I can start to refocus.

I am still packing. I am still organizing. BUT we finally have a place to move to. Inspection is done. Owners have agreed to fix what needs to be fixed. SO I feel MUCH better.

Now I just need to FIX the habits that I have picked back up. Snacking...not clean eating...sweets.

Luckily with me still weight training, the bad eating hasnt affected me much. BUT my stomach is poochier that what it was. Not good.

Back with my nose to the grindstone.

Soon I will be MIA for a while...probably about a month. Once the kids are done with school on June 7th, they will be heading north for us to move. They will be gone for a week so we can do what needs to be done. Whew. Then they will be back for their surgery and their downtime. Which means I will have limited time. But thats ok. Dont think I havent forgotten about you.

Until then, I am going to try to blog more regularly. I think it is only fair that I dont hold back from you about my shortcomings. I am not perfect. Nor do I pretend to be.

I am going to start Clean Eating again and cutting out the alcohol and sugar. But I know it will be baby steps.

Stay tuned for this new chapter of mine. Once we move, I will be gardening, and learning to can to make my own veggies for the winter to help reduce grocery costs. It will be a new adventure and one that I look forward to!

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  1. Good luck with moving and getting everything finished. This is a great step for your family and your children will have so much fun exploring their new yard and neighborhood. Don't let yourself stress out, everything will come together.

  2. Wait, what surgery? What did I miss? Glad you're getting stuff done!