Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just Another Update

Well the stress seems to be compounding for me.

Packing the house

Working around selling the house

Looking for a house

Putting a bid on a house and now waiting. The wait is killing me.

And now I found out that my grandmas hasnt eating in 3...well 4 days now. So the end is near. So with everything else, I now have a funeral to prepare for and my mom to be strong for.

She is having a hard time. Yesterday she told me that no matter how old she is, that my grandma still treated her like her child. Telling her which roads to go down while driving, concerns over family...etc. I am sure many of you can relate. I know my mom still treats me the same way.

Well now that my moms last parent is dying, my mom will become "the old lady of the family". Her words not mine. She is the oldest sibling and needs to be the strong one.

My generation has become the middle aged ones. Holy shit! Since when did I become middle aged?

We are waiting to see when my grandma passes. My aunt passed April 26th 2007 so it would be something for my grandma to pass the same day.

SO if I am gone even more than normal, you will know why. And as soon as I hear about the house, I will let you know as well. 

Keep everything crossed and prayers coming.



  1. Lee Ann... good luck from next door. Between finding your next house to call home and the passing of your grandma, it sounds like you have a difficult week ahead of you. Take it easy. Lindsay

  2. Praying everything can go as smoothly and peacefully as possible. My mom is the oldest of 3 girls, and at 78, after having her own battle with cancer, she still treats all of the 7 kids like her babies. No matter how old you are, that feeling never changed. It means they care, and that means everything, right? God Bless.