Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Heart is Breaking

First I want to say that my heart breaks for all the people and families that have been affected by the bombings yesterday at the Marathon.

I had a couple friends that were there and thankfully both of them and their families that were there are safe and unharmed.

I hope they find the bastard(s) that did this and quickly.

I am wearing a race shirt today in honor of them.

Sigh. So much pain this past week. They say God only gives you what you can handle though but he sure is testing it.

It feels like it has been forever and I guess it has been quite a few days. So much has happened since last Thursday. Let me fill you in.

The funeral for Lori was as wonderful a sad occasion can be. A ton of sorority sisters were there and we sang a last song for Lori at the funeral before the service. Her son was there so they did a closed casket. We were able to go to the funeral home after the luncheon where they opened the casket so we could say good-bye. Afterwards, we as a sorority, went to Buffalo Wild Wings to drink and eat and remember her.

Our home that we are living in has an accepted offer on it. Now it is time to pack and find a new place to live. Our moving day is June 19th. I am starting to freak a bit.

Prayers are needed for my grandma. I think I have mentioned before that she has a form of Parkinsons where your different muscles shut down. Now that it has frozen her basic muscles like arms and legs, it is now going to her mouth, throat and eyes. That means she cant see, cant really swallow or close her mouth. Think of a mummy and how the mouth is drawn back above the lips exposing the teeth. That is her. She is a strong woman that is starting to slide quickly. I am hoping she transitions to the next life soon. Family has been coming in from out of town to say final good-byes while she is still sort of with it. And I know I couldnt live this way. I already told Aaron that I wont if I get this disease.

Landry had his appointment with the ENT yesterday. He needs to have his adenoids and tonsils out. I am assuming Xavier will as well when he goes next week so their surgery is scheduled for June 19th. Yup. Just 9 days after we move. Oh boy!

I had a great time at the 10k this past Saturday. I finished in 1:05:15 which could have been much faster but Ambreen and I started way in the back of the pack and had to contend with the very slow runners and walkers to get around them. That slowed down my start by probably that five minutes. The rest of my pace was under 10 min a mile. It was freezing and my hands were numb until mile 2 but I would definitely do this run again next year.
I look absolutely HORRIBLE in this picture. Friday was the funeral where I drank WAY too much when I was going to be running the next day. Two tall beers and a shot of Jack Daniels which was Lori's preferred alcohol. I was running on 4 hours sleep as well. But arent the running shirts cute? That is the shirt I am wearing today in honor of Boston.

And after I ran that 10k, I went to the gym and taught Zumba. By myself. Maggie had hurt her back and I told her to stay home and I would teach. Crazy huh?

Yesterday Maggie and I taught Zumba. We had one person but we had a good time. It was a great way to go into a bubble and forget about the sadness of the day.

Then I went and worked with Eric. It was leg day. We did squats and standing leg presses on a machine for one circuit. Then Eric introduced me to front squats. Instead of the bar being on your shoulders, you cross your arms in front of you and put the bar across your chest and rest it on your arms and in the divots of your shoulders. You cant lean back with them like you do with a normal squat. It is more of a straight up and down move. And you use a LOT less weight BUT it is very effective. Then we did momentum lunges. Step back into a lunge then jump straight up bringing your knee up. After that circuit, we did abs. Basic sit ups but then again, nothing is basic with Eric. Went to the sit up bench and hooked my legs in. As I started doing sit ups, Eric started lifting the bench up at my feet so I was almost straight up and down. Yeah. Fun times. LOL. Cruel and unusual is what that is. LOL. But again..effective.

My legs and butt are sore today so I know it works.

Today is basically a rest day for me. Usually I go in and see my grandma Tuesday nights but I need a night off to see my family. My plan is to go for a run tonight but we will see. I might just do shoulder work.

I am cruising along in my Personal Training Certification. I am on Chapter 14 out of 33. Almost half way. That is another reason I need a night off. I need to study.

As far as eating goes, I havent been doing that great. It isnt all day that I am bad, but more prevalent in the evenings with snacking and alcoholic beverages. I always knew that I was a stress eater so I am trying to crack that and get back on track. Because of this though, I am not sure if my month shots will show much of a change. I guess we will find out in 15 days huh?

So you can see that I have had and do have a lot on my plate right now. So I will be checking in now and again but probably not as regularly as I would like. Know that I am cruising around trying to keep up with you all though!!

Please say some prayers for us. I found a house that I love that is a short sale. The listing realtor has not called back our realtor after multiple phone calls and emails. I walked into this house saying yup. "This is my house" last Tuesday. I am hoping now that there is an offer on our house that the stars are aligning and agreeing that this is my house. Livonia, where we are moving to, is a HOT market right now to the point that I get new listings at 8am and when I call my realtor a bit later, they already have offers on them. This house has been sitting there for whatever reason for a month. Maybe because it is MY house and it is waiting for me. So pray, pray, pray for us. That they call back and that the short sale goes quickly. I have heard from our realtor that this bank that holds the mortgage is a pain to work with. I just want to have a place by the time the kids start school in the fall. Until then, we can stay in the 5th wheel or at the cabin or at my parents house. I really appreciate it.

Ok. I am done for today.
Saying prayers for everyone out there.

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  1. Did you do the 10k where Katie did her Martian Half?

    I'll be praying for you and your grandma.

    1. Yes!! I didnt know that she was doing the half there or I would have tried to meet her. Bummer but maybe next year. I really liked that race and plan on doing it again.