Thursday, April 18, 2013


Good morning everyone.

I just am doing a quick check in.

I am starting to get very stressed with moving and house stuff. Probably because I have very few boxes to use for packing right now and I can feel time slipping out of my hands.

I know it will get done and I will probably feel better after this weekend when I get a lot of boxes from my cousin. I just need to get my butt in gear and start calling Joann Fabrics to have them save boxes for me as well as the office supply stores.

Plus this moving when you dont have someplace to go is worrisome as well. I found a house I love but the listing realtor is unresponsive to phone calls and emails. What the heck do you do then? Do these people not want to sell or what? It is just VERY frustrating. So I will have to keep looking at houses.

Luckily I HATE the realtor that my in laws are using. But she is a bulldog and will hopefully find out what is going on with this house. As much as I hate to work with her, I guess I have no choice in the matter. All I need to do is find a house I like then sic her on it. Hopefully she cooperates with me and doesnt make things difficult. She has not treated me very nice in the selling of the house we are in and has treated me basically like a squatter. She has not listened to me and has steamrolled over me this whole time. Not a pleasant situation.


Last night was upper body gym night. First I ran for a mile and then stretched. I had asked to work on pull ups and dips. And of course we did. Then we added in chin ups. I still struggle with them and I have to do them with assistance. Then we did upward flys and then pull ups using a bar. So my feet are on the floor and I am under the bar hanging on almost laying down on the floor. Then I have to pull up so my chest almost touches the bar. Oh my. Then we did the flys again and then when we did the pull ups he said "how do we make this harder"? Of course he did. And guess what he had me do? Raise one leg off of the floor. Oh fudge.

Then for the last 90 seconds he had me do burpees. Fuck. I hate burpees. With a passion. He kept telling me "dont quit". Hard to say that when my legs go to goo. When I was done and I was walking out down the ramp, I literally almost fell. My legs were just done and we didnt even DO legs. We did upper body. Oh man.

Today I am feeling it a bit. But I must plug on and push forward. Tonight is RPM if I make it there. We might be looking at houses.

Keep on thinking about us.

Have a great Thursday everyone!!

Tip of the Day:


  1. Sometimes people who have houses listed as a "short sale" owe so much money to the bank that they don't want to be bothered or cooperate with the bank by showing them even though they are listed for sale. They know that the banks are moving very slowly to foreclose and that they can remain in the house two or more years without having to make mortgage payments or tax payments so they figure why cooperate by keeping the house in show condition or be inconvenienced by moving out before they absolutely have to. My soon to be son-in-law is in this position. He paid $320,000 for a home, the real estate market was overbuilt and collapsed where he lives the home is now worth about $215,000. ]

    1. My thing is then...why list it? I mean, I dont THINK you have to list your house as a short sale before it is foreclosed on. You could just wait until then. And the house was not in bad condition at all. It needed a good scrub and drywall patching but overall, not bad.

  2. It is all confusing. My neighbor told me back in October that she's foreclosing because her ex stopped paying the mortgage. She supposedly sold it and is still living there! if I was the buyer I'd be furious! I hope things work out!