Thursday, April 11, 2013

Still Not Feeling It...But Moving On...

Morning Everyone!

Tomorrow is Lori's funeral so I wont be on here. Because of that, I thought I would do my update on here from yesterday even though I am not really feeling it.

First though, I want share with you a really nicely written article about my sorority sister.

You can read about her here.

She was a soft spoken, genuinely nice person and will be missed.

Ok back to yesterday.

Last night I ran a mile on the treadmill then walked another quarter mile before going to foam roll. I had messaged Eric letting him know that I wanted a soul crushing workout last night and he didnt disappoint.

We did rows (I got up to 100 lbs), presses, upright rows, then moved onto clean and presses and one arm presses. I love the clean and press. And he really challenged me. They are much harder than they look and I want to keep working on them. He said that we havent so far because we were waiting for my shoulder to strengthen and it was obvious that it has by my performance last night. Woo hoo!!

After that we did ab work, tricep push ups and a new exercise he made up last night using the seat on the row machine. Basically you put your feet on the rower seat (facing backward off the rower), arms down in a full plank position. Then you slide the seat into your chest bending your knees. I have done this using the ball before but this was WAY harder. There is no resistance in the seat so you really have to concentrate and hold your core. I will definitely be doing this more.

Tonight is RPM. I messaged Eric about working on tricep dips and pull ups tonight but I dont want to overtrain from last night. He said to wait because just because I am not sore doesnt mean that it didnt work. And I know that. My concern wasnt about not being sore, it was about overtraining a part. So I will wait til tonight and see how I feel. If I start  get sore I will just work my shoulders again like normal.

Friday I will be gone to the funeral all day. Saturday is my 10k race and then I go right from the race to teach Zumba. That should be interesting. Sunday will be another rest day for me before getting back to my normal schedule on Monday.

Ok thats about it for now. Have a great day everyone.

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