Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflection before the New Year

Laying in bed last night I started to reflect on all that I have done and gone through these past few years...

And I wonder...and think about...

Why was I so successful at losing the weight and keeping it off when others struggle?
Why do some people who struggle with weight all their life (like I did) have to undergo bariatric surgery to have successful weight loss?

Is it because I overhauled my diet?
Is it because I started exercising slowly and worked my way into more strenuous exercise?
Was it because of the Healthe Trim supplement that kicked off my metabolism and curbed my appetite?
Was it because I controlled my portion sizes?
Was it because I didnt deprive myself of the food that I wanted and craved?

Or was it simply because once I saw results, I was determined to get to my goal?

I always could lose weight- but I never kept it off. And when I gained it back, it was always the weight I lost plus some. And I always dieted because I was always doing it for someone else. Either for my family who thought I was getting overweight and was worried about my health, or for my doctor for the same reason. This time it was a whole different trigger. It was me. I saw my picture with my eyes wide open and didnt recognize myself in the picture.

"They" say that you have a self-image and even though I was a size 24, I saw myself as a size 14 when I looked in the mirror. It wasnt until my sisters baby shower pictures that my eyes were opened as I stood next to my sister and my cousin who were both pregnant and I matched them in size and shape.

"They" say everything happens for a reason. Maybe my reason for being successful at weight loss without having surgery is to help others see that it is possible too.

Things to think about....

Happy New Year!

*Tip of the day: I bought some organic cold ground flax seed oil and added it to my smoothies that I have been making. It was tasteless and is a great source of monounsaturated fat. Monounsaturated fat is the one fat that has been found to help break down belly fat. It is also great for your coronary arteries.


  1. I did it for me this time. I was tired of feeling like crap and carrying around the anxiety of a possible early death. We never think we look as big as we are, but the funny thing is I also have a hard time seeing how small I am now. Do you experience that also?

  2. I still have a very hard time with seeing me in my real size as of now. I finally had an Ah Ha moment when I tried on my sisters bridesmaids dress that she wore in my wedding. It is still a daily challenge. We are our own worse critics.