Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Starting Statistics

Recently I had the opportunity to have a Personal Profile done at the gym. I thought I would post the results on here so I have something to compare them to at the end of the 6 months. Now one thing I have to add here is that the scheduling of my assessment was messed up. Generally you have the profile done prior to working out so the fitness trainer can take your blood pressure and resting heart rate. Mine was done after working out for approximately 2.5 hrs. Ha ha. SO the results are not 100% accurate.

Blood Pressure:
125/72 mmHg is in the Acceptable range, however, it is not within the ideal range.
*Mine was elevated due to having just worked out about 15 min prior, so this is not my true blood pressure.

Bicep Strength:
This was taken by pulling a handle that was attached to a scale. You were to pull as hard as you could. At the beginning I didnt, and my trainer knew I was holding back. Ha. I finished by pulling as hard as I could without affecting my posture. It ranked me at 51 lbs which falls in the Average category of 37-56 lbs.

Flexibility: This was measured by sitting on the ground with my feet straight in front of me. I was given a handle on a string (think row machine) and asked to lean as far over as possible. My sit and reach measurement was assessed at 16.6 inches. This falls into the Good category of 15.9-16.7 in. I missed the excellent category by .10 of an inch!

Body Composition:
Standing on a scale. Usually this takes into account your resting heart rate and your blood pressure. Because my blood pressure was a little high from exercising and because we didnt take my resting heart rate, this measurement is probably a little off too but it is a good starting point.

Total Body water: 84lbs, 49.1%, 38.1 Liters
Fat: 55.9 lbs, 32.7%

Body weight: 171 lbs
Lean body mass: 115.1 lbs
Fat mass: 55.9 lbs
Basal Metabolic Rate: 1631

The basal metabolic rate is the number of calories your lean tissue uses each day.

The percentage of fat (32.7%) has me fall into the high catagory of 29.1-34.0. Reducing my body fat to the good range of 19.1-24.0 percent will reduce my weight to 142.3-151.6 lbs.

HOWEVER, my trainer told me (and this was a no duh to me) that this may not be accurate. This measurement really doesnt take into account body type. 151 lbs may make me look too skinny. It is just a computer measurement that is good to refer back to.

Body Age:
My body age is 36 compared to my chronological age of 33. Body age is calculated from the results of my assessment and how I compare with others of my same age and sex. Ideally, Body Age should be at least the same as my chronological age. My obtainable body age is what I can realistically reach with a well rounded wellness program.

My obtainable body age is 26.

The following are the ways that I can lower my body age to my obtainable body age:
  • Improving my body composition from 32.7% to 24.09% will imporve my body age by 6 years
  • Lowering my systolic blood pressure from 125 to below 120 will improve my body age by 1 year
  • improving my strength ranking from average to excellent will improve my body age by 2 years
  • improving my flexibility ranking from good to excellent will improve my body age by 1 year

My trainer suggested to me that next time I go to Meijer that I take my blood pressure in one of the free machines so that we can have an accurate measurement.

Also, we both said that we would have loved to have had this assessment before I lost the initial 100 lbs. Just to see the improvement. It would have been very interesting!

My plan is in June to have another assessment done to see what (if any) improvements have been made. It will be another indicator to go along with photographic evidence...Ha.


  1. We never think that far in advance, do we? I never thought I would do so well and maintain it- I never have before. All we can go by is clothing size and photographs... STILL VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!!