Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Picture of the front of the house. In the next picture, look up by the top of the picture by the round window.

That my friends, is not the moon. And there is nothing for it to reflect on. Nor was it still raining.

All the debris by the front door. Screen door is completely blown out

Landry's Room. The ceiling was open completely to the sky.

Yellow orbs are above the arm of the couch on the left. There was nothing to reflect on. You can see the white flash in the window, but they orbs are yellow.

One of the totalled cars the day after the tornado. It even ripped the license plate right off.

A picture of the front of the house the morning after. That is a shirt that was stuck in the wall above the garage door.

This picture doesnt show the damage to this vehicle very well. Notice the windows are out and the entire inside was soaked. The car was in fact totalled.

A close up of the tire on the car. See the pants? They are underneath of the tire.

Trees in the backyard that were knocked over. We have since up righted them. Hopefully they survive.

The house across the street. It has been demolished.

The home to the left of the house above. The white truck was in the driveway. The tornado leveled the house.

The night of. Glass all over the couches.

Somehow the glass top table didnt get a scratch on it.

The night of. This is the neighbors tub from across the street. You can barely make out Aarons car behind it.


  1. The damage is just insane. Thank God none of you were in the house and that no one in the ENTIRE town was killed. That truly is a miracle. So glad to hear from you!

  2. It is a miracle and I am glad to be back!!