Monday, April 23, 2012

Back at it.

I am back at it. I am watching what I eat again.

I think I coped with the craziness of the house by reverting back to my old habits and eating whatever I wanted.

While I havent gained much weight back, I now have what SkinnyJeanDreams describes as a food belly. And I hate it. Jeans still fit, but I dont like what I see in the mirror.

So now that I have a bit of regularity back, here is my new exercise plan.

I cant go to the gym for classes because it is just too far right now. So I need to be inventive and make due with what I have.

Right now, I plan on running every night to every other night. I decided that I will be running the half marathon in June and so I need to start building up my distance running.

Also, I dont have access to my home weights. So instead, I will be doing the cardio portions of the P90X workouts along with Ab Ripper. Hopefully I will do these in the mornings before we need to leave to get Xavier to school. On the days that we need to leave really early for Landry's school, I will be running at night and then doing ab ripper.

Also I need to start reverting back to my diet I had before and stop the comfort eating. Last night we went to Olive Garden and I made a good food choice. The Venetian Apricot Chicken. Delicious. However, I did eat too many breadsticks. Carbs are my enemy.

And currently I dont have a scale. I weighed myself at the cabin and I weighed in at 171. Not horrible and I am finding that many of my neighbors have also gained the tornado 20. LOL. I know that a lot of this is from salt, alcohol and in general bloating. So now I need to decide whether to just exercise like crazy without a scale, or go and buy one even though I have one in storage at the cleaners. I am still within my comfort zone on the scale though I would really like to be down into the mid to low 160's again. Very doable. I just need to do it!

I did complete the 5k on April 15th with my father in law and brother in law. We had a lot of fun and ran together. We finished the race in 37 min, and about 45 sec. Very good for my father in laws first time.

And I did run this weekend one time while up north. I did my just shy of 4 mile run and it felt great. I didnt realize how much I missed running until the 5k and then the run this weekend. I guess that means that I am a runner for life huh? I ran 42 minutes and burned 468 calories.

Oh and I did get a new pair of running shoes. I had to. I wore my old running Asics while cleaning up after the tornado and they got totalled out. I have rips in the toes, mud all over, and they just arent suitable for running anymore. So they are now my gardening shoes and work shoes.

So off to Kohls I went. And I bought Adidas Liquid Running Shoes. In hot pink.

I love them! It was my first time running in them at the 5k and I was a bit worried because they werent broken in yet.

However I had no problems except one minor thing. The laces arent typical. They are more like a nylon and are a bit slippery. Even though I double knotted them, I found that after a while they started to come undone. So I stopped twice (once for each foot) and tightened them and triple knotted them. After that, no problems. And now I know when I run what I have to do.

That is the news for now. Time for me to get my munchkins around and get ready to get the big one off to school.

Hopefully I will be able to get back on here a bit more often now!!

Tip(s) of the day:
When you fall off the wagon, shake yourself off and hop back on. No one said maintenance is easy. Just keep your goal in mind and your eye on the prize. Bad stuff happens in life and how you deal with it is what matters. And life is all about learning from your mistakes.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Just got your comments on my blog! Really happy you're back and I'm amazed that you managed to do a 5k throughout all this!

    If you don't have the home weights, there's so much you can still do with body weight if you want to keep up some strength training. There's an amazing book called "You are your own gym" which has so many ideas.

    The exercise plan sounds great and love the trainers! Loads of luck for this week back on track!

  2. So glad you are back. I'm also super glad you and your family is safe through all this! Best of luck to you and have a fabulous week!

    You are super inspiring for staying positive and getting back into your routine!

  3. thanks everyone! I am glad to be back!!

  4. Hey Hunnie,

    Just to let you know I am running a competition to win a copy of Jillian Michaels new "Kickbox Fast Fix" over on my blog at: if you could please let your readers know about it that would be great! Thank you :) Becci xx

  5. I adore your shoes. I may have to go to Kohls and find some too!!

  6. Just found your blog and I have to say, you are so inspirational! Way to go, you look awesome.