Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Winter Blues... and Weight Gain

You are probably wondering what the heck happened to me right?

Shoot... I havent posted since the end of September! and SOOO much has happened since then.

Winter in Michigan was a bitch. With that has come weight gain. Significant weight gain. Sigh. Thats ok though. Starting today I am back on track with what I was doing before...but we will get into that more in a minute.

December both of my boys had surgery. Oldest had tonsils, adenoids and tubes. Youngest had tonsils and adenoids. It was the recovery week from HELL! Both boys went 7 days without eating a thing AND it was a fight to get pain meds in them or even get them to drink. Sigh. Both have recovered well though and both can hear. WOO HOO!

I got a job in February. You are looking at a no longer Starving Artist. Yup. Thats right. I am actually a paid artist! Not sure if you have heard of the new trend popping up and around... where you go and paint a painting and drink some wine while you are at it? Yup. Thats what I do. I am an artist for a company that does that. WOO HOO. They treat their artists great. I am moving up the ladder and am now in charge of the mobile locations which is what I do. So read mobile locations as bars and restaurants and peoples homes. My company has two studios too which I sometimes teach at. The downside with bars and restaurants is needing to buy your food and drink every night. Yup. Just about every night. And THIS is what helped with my weight gain. And I am working 5-6 days a week right now.

For the record... I have NOT stepped on a scale. But I do know that my pants are tight and I cant get them on anymore. Right now I am living in my nice summer dresses. Fine by me. BUT I am not happy with my body and what I look like.

So that means it is time to take back control.

Today I did really well with my new "diet". I had a shakeology for lunch with peanut butter and banana. Dinner was a salad with chicken, mushrooms, red pepper, hard boiled egg and some blueberry balsamic vinegar. YUM!!

After dinner, because my job was canceled for the evening, I ran for 45 min on the elliptical and then did some free weights for my upper body. What a workout! I was dripping with sweat and it was HARD to finish out the elliptical, BUT I did it and I was feeling proud. Baby steps right?

So this will be the restart of my diary and my journey. I dont need to get down to a size 6 where I was before, but instead if I can get to about a 10 I would feel very comfortable. Right now I am at a size 14 so not horrible but still. The pants are tight. And frankly, I dont feel good about myself or my body right now for letting me get this way. So I am kicking it back into gear. I need to get a new schedule going which is tricky with my work schedule. See? I work evenings. Normally a show is from 7-9. So I leave for work about 5 so I get there in time to set up for the party and be ready for when people start to show up.

I have time in the morning in which I have been going to the gym and walking or running. Or if I am in pain, foam rolling and sitting in the sauna. BUT I need to work out more. Before I was working out quite a bit. And now that I have quite a bit that has to come off, I need to pick up the pace again.

So thats where I have been. Hopefully I will be on here more. But my job keeps me busy and hopping!

Have a great Tuesday all!


  1. I'm in the same situation. Since my knee injury, winter and eating like a prisoner going to the electric chair, I am up almost 30 pounds from my goal. And, like you, I'd be happy being in the 160's, which seems a million miles away. I can not wait to take are of my knee and get back to walking and then starting from scratch with running. At least this time I KNOW it is all possible, just have to build back up. Keep writing. I'm here.

  2. So glad to see you write! A job you love - very envious of that! That dinner sounds delicious! Where do you find that blueberry balsamic vinegar?